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Please visit subscription site for membership and also contact the co-chairs, Deniz Gurkan (University of Houston, dgurkan at uh dot edu) and Dan Schmiedt (Clemson University, willys at clemson dot edu).

Collaborative Teleconferences

We have started to use the EtherPad at during our conference calls starting February 14 2013. Calls are every two weeks on Thursdays at 1:30 pm EST. Please become a member of the site if you have not done so already...

Call in information: 

+1-734-615-7474|#|||||\ (Please use if you do not pay for Long Distance),

+1-866-411-0013|#|||||\ (toll free US/Canada Only),

access code 0146776 #


The workgroup has been formed under the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) of the Internet2 to explore how SDN deployments at campuses and regional optical networks (RONs) may interface with the core SDN developments planned, ongoing, and deployed at I2.

We have three main goals:

1. Academic institutions represent a unique environment that brings together production and research networking resources together. In this respect, this workgroup will collect feedback from the community on the innovative use cases with SDN through fostering of relationships between academic and IT personnel.

2. The workgroup will exchange information on and present use cases where SDN provides value to campus production networks, RONs, and researchers.

3. There are many venues to collect information on SDN technologies, standardization efforts with OpenFlow, and vendor offerings. Most prominent such venue is the Open Networking Foundation since it is based purely on industry participation and contribution. This workgroup will keep the community abreast with the state of SDN as it applies to the nationwide research backbone and campus/RON connections to the backbone.

These goals will help in providing feedback to the I2 on SDN deployment plans, interfacing requirements, and usage scenarios.

Docs and resources
  • Whitepaper by Matt Davy on "A Case for Expanding OpenFlow/SDN Deployments On University Campuses"
  • Thesis paper by Aaron Rosen and Dr. KC Wang (Clemson) on using Openflow to seamlessly enable high-throughput TCP on high-latency links.
  • Quick Starter Guide to OF-enabled Networking by Eric Boyd, Deniz Gurkan, Brent Salisbury, Dan Schmiedt, Steven Wallace, Bill Owens.
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