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  • Meeting Notes Aug., 28, 2014
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wg-SDN call notes, 8/28/14


Deniz Gurkan,
Michael Lambert,
Kathy Benninger
Nathan Lewis
Michael Van Norman
AJ Ragusa

0) Agenda bash
1) Charter refresh
AJ from GlobalNOC:

New version of flowspace firewall:
1.0.3 - 8-15-2014


  • ISSUE=7513 Added the ability to timeout (hard and idle) flows even if the devices do not support
  • ISSUE=9177 Added managed tag mode
  • ISSUE=9237 Added additional logging in debug mode for XID mapping
  • ISSUE=9170 FSFW was sending duplicate packet in events
  • ISSUE=9236 FSFW now sends OFPFMFC_ALL_TABLES_FULL when a controller

Demo capable version of a FW bypass for Science DMZ:


The workgroup has been formed under the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) of the Internet2 to explore how SDN deployments at campuses and regional optical networks (RONs) may interface with the core SDN developments planned, ongoing, and deployed at I2.

We have three main goals:

1. Academic institutions represent a unique environment that brings together production and research networking resources together. In this respect, this workgroup will collect feedback from the community on the innovative use cases with SDN through fostering of relationships between academic and IT personnel.

BoF, competition at I2 TechExchange or SC14 (?, SciNet?)
Differentiate pure IT vs research perspectives
CC-IIE: campus CI engineering, outreach to network engineers

2. The workgroup will exchange information on and present use cases where SDN provides value to campus production networks, RONs, and researchers.

Production enterprise networks with SDN transition

FLR (Dave) Testbed with OF
OESS MaxGigaPoP, ?, Utah (inter-domain OESS instance demo at SC14 planned)
OESS interdomain capable with OSCARS, take OSCARS out, OESS (master instance, one domain, there are slices of networks bundled under flowspace firewall), backup path (failover function in a multi-domain environment), sub-second provisioning, VLAN monitoring/reservation, interdomain issues related to policy on access are abstracted in the form of each entity provides resources


3. There are many venues to collect information on SDN technologies, standardization efforts with OpenFlow, and vendor offerings. This workgroup will keep the community abreast with the state of SDN as it applies to the nationwide research backbone and campus/RON connections to the backbone.

SDN application demo: production ready applications, come up with a place/venue/mechanism
SDN applications demonstrated: to be used on campus WANs, etc.
Clearinghouse for issues and resolutions for OF/SDN hardware/software
TIME to setup - very challenging: which mailing list to post/search

These goals will help in providing feedback to the I2 on SDN deployment plans, interfacing requirements, and usage scenarios.

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