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  • Meeting Notes Oct. 10, 2013
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Thursday, October 10, 2013
Deniz Gurkan
kevin mayeshiro -
Michael Van Norman --
Jeff - LSU
Chris Small -
kathy Benninger -
1) Agenda Bash
2) ONF USIgnite impressions:
3) Any suggestions?
Good afternoon all!
David Meyer of OpenDaylight - October 24, 2013:
SDN: regulatory considerations may be served better
PCI-compliance requires documentation of data flow
DARPA project: policy-control over processes/applications connectivity, prove impossibility of communication between processes - "deny all" default config
Audit purposes: connectivity reports, with different granularity in reporting
JOINT effort: use cases, areas not investigated yet, wiki setup (listing software, hardware, etc.), science DMZ applications, new players' directions
Chris may add some documentation.
Kathy: support for OpenFlow 1.3
OpenvSwitch supports 1.3; LINC (
Vendor support: pica8, etc. (group tables ?)
Heidi: GEC18 operations and monitoring for next year - papers, conversations outside of GENI on monitoring SDN, what is configured to be possible and what is happening, using FlowVisor, many owners, how to monitor? Flow tables are hard to retrieve from flowvisor. Observed vs expected behaviour of flows - multiple flowvisors in different domains. 
OpenDaylight - October 24th: Dave Meyer, 3 pm eastern

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