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  • Teleconference notes March 28, 2013
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Thurs March 28th 2013
Michael Lambert -
Dale W. Carder -
Chris Small -
kevin mayeshiro -
Paul Schopis
Dan Schmiedt (on the road)
Michael Van Norman
Joseph Lappa -
Brent Salizbury (on the phone)
Jeffry Handal (LSU)

Any agenda items from the group?
GENI Engineering Conference #16

Nick Bastin
Switch Light? both soft switch and Broadcom chip

SwitchLight on top of OVS
Software switch vs hardware OF switches
OVS: software-switch support
VMware: software capabilities

OVS: implementations ported on Pronto/pica8 may utilize TCAM/rewrite - magic patches
Juniper: OVS source code on the hardware - tie to the h/w

OVSDB - can be outside 
OVSDB protocol vs NetConf

ONF acceptance of OVSDB

Hybrid implementations
Separate infrastructure - pure OF and legacy
Testing purposes: hybrid seems to be the option
Troubleshooting: careful on spanning tree
VLAN separation is key (OESS)

Standardization in transition period: hybrid acceptance/designs by ONF

Juniper SDN strategy - network functions virtualization
Contrail controller - MPLS virtualization - ISPs

LSU: Testbed topology where researchers can experiment with and control
Development environment: virtulalized environment, Pronto's, physically-divided topologies, concrete separation, virtual switches (most development), hardware comes at the end of the development, topology/software
Example: HP 3500 VLANs supporting different topologies

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