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  • Teleconference notes May 9, 2013
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Thurs May 9 2013

Dan Schmiedt -
kevin mayeshiro -
Dale W. Carder -
Michael Lambert -
David Crowe -
Rich Croppp -
Scott Brim -
Steve Wolff -
Deniz Gurkan -

1. Agenda Bash
2.      IT + academics meeting: let’s make it happen at GEC17, July 23-25, 2013.
3.      Another standardization workgroup led by Dell:
4.      Open Compute takes on networking:
5.      Others?

Eric Boyd: SDN contest?
Development SDN-enabled applications with data movement using 100G

Operating Innovative Networks Workshop:
Might be full - mostly CC-NIE awardees, more of these may be hosted depending on the interest. At Internet2, and there will be follow-up.

GENI travel grants for network engineers to attend
1-page proposal: short bio, why you would benefit from attending GEC, cost
How can network engineers get approval to attend such a conference?
NetGurus - ? from joint tech to GEC17
Connection between researchers and networking

GENI meetings sound good

NANOG meetings - commercial providers are more prevalent
Researchers are not necessarily present
NANOG has researchers present for operational data and other items.  Not usually research on the network itself but more on examining current ops and trends.

Come up with a THEME for a meeting: (beer seems to be MUST!)
Troubleshooting with SDN, vendors, network engineers, researchers

Making a case to CIOs for SDN: involve CIOs, business cases are plenty with SDN, federal grant opportunities

Object Management Group: northbound API, SOA

Open Compute MAIN idea from their web site: "open, disaggregated switch will enable a faster pace of innovation in the development of networking hardware; help software-defined networking continue to evolve and flourish; and ultimately provide consumers of these technologies with the freedom they need to build infrastructures that are flexible, scalable, and efficient across the entire stack" and "on developing a specification and a reference box for an open, OS-agnostic top-of-rack switch"

Open Daylight: consolidating of platforms
Decision to be made by May 15th

One platform on repository is the goal
Bill and Brent will provide updates on OpenDaylight

IWNetworks SDN 8952S switch similarity with Pronto?

HP OpenFlow 1.3 beta - 5400s may support?
L2 table, CAM, TCAM L4 (3 tables) ?

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