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  • Meeting Notes Oct. 24, 2013
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Thursday, October 24, 2013
Dan Schmiedt,
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John Qu
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1) Agenda Bash
   - No other topics.
2) Open Daylight discussion with Dave Meyer and Madhu Vengopal
Dave Meyer, chair of TSC, tasked with steering technical aspects of Open Daylight.  Chair tasks are varied, but in this case Dave is not actually a developer on the project.
ODF is progressing rapidly, much code at this point.
Want OpenDaylight to be useful out of the box for non-programmers/ network operators.
OD is intended to be a platform.
Steve Wallace: irt items that would be useful out of the box, what are some specific things we could be looking for?
Dave Meyer:  There are approx 10 projects.  Think of controller as kind of like a kernel in a linux distro.  Intend to bundle features in "release vehicles."
Steve Wallace: using OD controller in classes.
Dave Meyer: Hoping to make "base edition" be a kind of de-facto controller like floodlight.  Other release vehicles will add additional functionality.
"Service Provider edition" might be interesting to R&E community: has BGP and TE functionality.
Madhu: Base edition contains Openflow.  Controller platform comes by default with funtionality similar to flowvisor.  Called "containers."
Brent: Is there an Northbound interface to this?  Madhu: Not currently.
DMM: flowvisor not defined for > OF 1.0, eg: multi-table. 
Steve Wallace: flowvisor will likely not look like flowvisor in the future.
DMM: would be helpful if this community joined TSC calls to request features.  see for call-in information.
Madhu: interested in solving real use case issues, and ODF is a truly open environment, so participation is very welcome.
Brent: world-class software developers are participating, and this is likely to change face of open-source projects.
Steve Wallace: I2 in general are several hundred large enterprise networks.  Have been dealing with BYOD for some time, for example.  Datacenters at campuses are generally less of an emphasis.  Most emphasis is on access networks.  So, there has been much roll-your-own to deal with BYOD, access control, etc.  Many member organizations are running regional networks: here they deal with TE, traffic inspection, high bandwidth.  Are there enterprise typoe folks participating in OD?
DM:  Short answer: yes, but focus right now is to get a first release out.  In projects like this, resources follow interest.  If functionality is needed, those parties need to bring resources to the project to begin implementing and build code.
Madhu: issue is twofold: technical and governance. 
Brent: Network virtualization is generally thought of in a Datacenter.  Need to figure out how to roll it into enterprise.
DMM: One interesting aspect of OD is that is is multi-protocol; eg, not just OpenFlow.
Heidi Dempsey: have datacenter environment in GENI.
DMM: Very interesting, will get in touch with Heidi to discuss.
Brent: Work with Neutron, OpenStack integration.  Looking for input here as well.
DMM: There is a Northbound interface to Neutron in OD.
DMM: other use cases?  
Steve Wallace: AL2S uses OF for (essentially) p2p vlan provisioning.  Flowvisor-like functionality coming soon.  IU NOC implemented this on top of the NOX controller.  May be looking to port this to OD with 1.3.
Brent Salisbury:  Will likely need funtionality to extend CC-NIE netowrk funtionality across domains.  Eg, selective path clearing.
Nick Buraglio: Need both data and control planes across multiple domains.
DMM: Federated controller issue needs significant work.  I2 community could provide interesting use cases in this regard.  BGP is not sufficient to do this.
Steve Wallace: At least 3 efforts.  1) Ezra and Martin Swany: Extensible session protocol 2) Autobahn, ESNet 3) NSI.
Brent Salisbury: Universities are a unique mix of wanting to give dataplane control to some end users, mixed with some more normal enterprise needs.
DMM: sharing data planes with multiple applications can get tricky.
Madhu: Containers may provide some soliutions to this.  Need use cases to try things like this.
DMM: Applications keeping state of network can get tricky as well.
DMM: Would love to have input and use cases and participation from this community.
Jefff Handal: Through what methods?
DMM: Mailing list, download code, contribute code.
Madhu: much feedback via IRC chat.
Brent Salisbury: Reiterated open-nes of ODF.
DMM: One of changes DMM made is that he made the TSC completely open.  would love to have participation from R&E community.  

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