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  • Meeting Notes June 19, 2014
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wg-SDN call notes 6/19/14

Deniz Gurkan --
Michael Lambert -
Kathy Benninger -
Michael Van Norman -
Matt Zekauskas - (until 1400 ET)
(Dan on call remotely)
(Glenn Rikert also on phone)
Charles Chambers chambers@uh,edu

Agenda bash:

1) Brief wg on the tech exchange track session and find identifying topics

Shannon Champion of Matrix Integration
Half day workshop with vendors (limited to 100 attendees)
Discuss topics usually covered under NDA
Vendors (not marketing but engineering personnel)
How can this be pulled together? Shannon has commitments (Juniper, Brocade, ?)
NDA agreement is tricky
Mike offered help in getting Cisco to come
Glenn Ricard: NDA - will protect it from going public (pay attention to no public release)
Add extreme networks (SDN active)
OPEN CALL: smaller team to put together
What any given vendor is offering on what platform?
Straight answer - no marketing please


Interoperability: multi-vendor in network
Versions of OF supported 
ONF testing/certification: depending on the usage patterns, come up with different test/certification - table type/feature support/auto-negotiate supported functions
Commitment to develop ODL plug-ins for the h/w
How is the OF code tested? - I2 has been a testlab?
    How does one write a test program for their application on OF boxes?
    Can they provide their own QA template programs for us to build our tests?
OF 1.3: implementation details - how closely are you supporting? How to come up with a common code base to support OF?
1.0-->1.3: what are the gray areas and how are you addressing?
Vendor response "you can do even more if you allow us to do these proprietary things" - how to get out of that?
Competitive advantage vs. R&E community demand - reconcile to allow innovation
Multi-vendor: performance, gray areas in the standard, I2 deliberately picked multi-vendor

Support model? 

e-mail to the list on these set of questions - please provide input
In parallel - we will work with Shannon on who the vendors are (participating)
NetGurus - should not overlap with their meeting

2) Any discussion on the docs attached from NTAC mailing list,
Network Functions Virtualization process in Internet2 services
 NTAC e-mail attachments 
Eric Boyd - NV implementation, gap in how to do this... discussion about how to do this
webinar next Tue 4 pm

Soft launch now: 2-3 examples in next few months
Formal launch in October
Questionnaire at the end of the doc
production support for research
Analogy with AWS VM reservation
I2 verifies: resources, support for all being asked, 

3) Anything else?

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