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  • Teleconference notes May 23, 2013
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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Michael Lambert -
kevin mayeshiro -
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Dan Schmiedt -
Joseph Lappa
Bill Owens
Deniz Gurkan
Dale W. Carder -
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Chris Small
Scott Brim
John Qu
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1) Agenda Bash
2) wg-SDN meeting at GEC17 (UWisc-Madison 7/21-23); Agenda?  Precursor to an I2 SDN Focused Tech Workshop?
3) OpenDaylight controller code discussion recap.

agenda suggestions

SDN-WG + NetGURU + academic/operational - 2 sessions

I2 FTW expectations from I2: pre-cursor to FTW with I2 can be during GEC17
I2 FTW process: focused technical workshop

Network engineers and researchers on a specific topic focusing on particular issues - various
Next one on Network Architecture (and more) for Life Sciences - scientists and network engineers brought together
Sponsorship is arranged by I2.  Each has a host.  It's meant to be very low-budget.  Registration for the first one is ~$75.  Only ~100 people, only 1-2 days.

SDN: R&E network community and network engineers

GENI meetings may end up being the best place for a while for SDN-related NE+academic gatherings.

John Moore (MCNC?) suggested that the initial agenda for the wg-SDN meeting could be basically two things:
   1. Start a dialog between network researchers and operators and determine if further discussion is necessary, either as an FTW, or as a future track at the next GEC,
   2. Build an agenda for that discussion based on 1.
It was suggested that it might be a good idea to at least co-locate the FTW with a GEC, as this would draw both communities.

Open Daylight: Discussion of current progress.  Initially there are essentially two code bases, one from Cisco and another from Big Switch Networks.  After some deliberation, it seems that the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is moving things in the right direction towards taking the best parts of all contributed code.

Dan putin a shameless plug for the NetGurus session as an attraction for network operators.  NetGuru is a good roundtable discussion of operational issues in campus networks.  The next NetGuru discussion will be on 7/23 at GEC17.

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