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  • Meeting notes August 29, 2013
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Thursday, August 29, 2013
Michael Lambert -
Paul Schopis
Akbar Kara
Rich Cropp
Roger Hess
Steve ?
Glenn Ricart
David Crowe,
Joe Lappa
Gordon Springer Univ. of Missouri
Steve Wallace
Kathy Benninger
Ben ?
Mike Van Norman
1) Agenda Bash
2) OpendayLight updates?
3) Any suggestions?
DYNES - UH/Rice working on setup of Dell S4810/OESS
Steve Wallace: roadmap for I2's AL2S, OESS?
Ohio State and Missouri - working together, data transfer experiments, Brocade MLX16 switch to be installed, temporary towards permanent 100 Gbps.
SDN training/workshops:
SDN events: ESNet + Indiana + I2 running innovative networks in October in Chicago (previous one)
Brent: September 18th, OpendayLight mini-summit
Big Summit early February
Hacfest 8th of September
OF 1.3 integration
December 9th first initial release

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