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  • Teleconference notes for April 11, 2013
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Thurs April 11th 2013
Dale W. Carder --
Dan Schmiedt --
Bill Owens -
David Crowe -
Charles Chambers -
kevin mayeshiro -
Chris Small -

1) Agenda bash
2) OpenDaylight: what does this mean?
3) Open Net Summit next week: who is going?  What questions do we want answered?
Big companies, architectural outlook is not clear.
Approach may be aggressive - linux can help facilitate this.
ONF formed by users - receptive to help in northbound API
ONF no vendors is good and bad at the same time: vendors are implementing all! So, implementation still is on them.

Benefiting everyone should be the goal. Force10 - Cisco - Juniper together on 100 G approach, collaborating. Everybody working on it, bits and pieces. 

First code is not available until 3Q13 - kind of late for contributions from groups like us. We will wait and see. Happy to see Big Switch in Open Daylight, not the usual suspects only. Rumors about Dell - but, they are in. 

Object Management Group - Dell: (2 days ago!)

FYI - referring back to the discussion of several weeks ago, a new version of firmware for the TP-LINK OpenWRT router with OpenFlow 1.3 support: <>

Many people from wg-sdn will be at ONS next week. 
ONS to-do-list:
Hype vs real
Hardware issues: OpenFlow 1.0 capabilities, dig into exactly what aspects of the OF has been implemented and also future directions. Ex. switchlight by Big Switch (by June, limitations of the chips). Extreme working with BS - other vendors? HP also. 

Indigo vs pica8: openvswitch (most of the way thru 1.2, towards 1.3), switchlight (can it catch up?) Indigo lacks documentation on implementation details. Ex. I2 tests of Indigo gave some strange results.

Joe ? : have the Arista switch (7124) - cool things with OpenStack, etc. security app's, mostly financial industry, modify financial market data, customized software on the switch, useful for research purposes, ex. (Chris) FPGA 10G experiments. 

wg-sdn face-to-face meeting during I2 member meeting the week after ONS

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