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Charter Preparation Meetings:

Kick-off teleconference meeting

Present: I2 (Dale Finkelson), NTAC chair (Akbar Kara), two co-chairs (Dan Schmiedt, Deniz Gurkan), and Matt Davy.

February 15, 2012 at 10 am.

Come up with  a name for the WG (suggestion: enabling innovation through SDN-WG, too long? Maybe just innovation with SDN = iSDN-WG)

Need to complete documentation of a charter within 4 weeks

Invite colleagues, interested partners from the community to the WG

I2 is already building an OpenFlow-based backbone – this WG will mainly focus on recommendations on how to extend this to the RONs, campuses, and researcher use. And, vendors’ understanding of SDN technologies on how research and IT can be converged and working together can be improved through this WG.

Three main working points to be expanded in the charter:

  1. Education of the community on I2’s state of OF deployment and how it touches RONs, campuses, researchers
  2. Perspective of campus and RON deployments and how researchers would utilize
  3. Raising awareness in the community on SDN’s importance

Action items:

Dale will arrange to give us more information on current state of the I2 deployment

Dan (with KC Wang - researcher) and Deniz (with Charles Chambers - IT) will have a call to initiate campus perspectives into the WG goals

Administrative: Setup of wiki page, conference bridge, list of other people who already signed up

March 9th, 2012: Meeting on current state of I2 related to SDN

March 9th, 2012: Meeting between Clemson and UH on researcher-IT personnel partnership enabled by SDN

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