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Active Groups

We welcome your participation in our current working groups!

Working groups should review the Charge to Working Groups as they develop their charter and periodically throughout their lifecycle. The Charge to Working Groups helps a working group ensure it is focused on the core mission of ITANA and that it helps develop and deliver our capabilities.

API / Governance Working Group

This working group is arranging for topical discussion in the broad domain of SOA and APIs. The goal is to bring together practitioners in common areas of expressed interest and provide a forum for sharing resources. Check out the Itana Events page for day/times for the API Calls.

Itana Business Architecture Working Group (IBAWG)

This working group discusses the broad domain of Business Architecture with the intent to develop tools and methods for the IT organization to become a strategic partner with the business. The goal is to bring together practitioners and provide a forum for sharing resources, ideas, experience and, inspiration.

Check out the Itana Events page for day/times for the Business Architecture Working Group Calls.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model in Higher Education
(EAMM-edu) Working Group

The EAMM-edu working group published an Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model in Higher Education in 2018. The model provides a framework for reviewing the maturity of an EA practice. It is intended for use by enterprise architects, business architects, and technology architects planning or engaged in an architecture practice.The model delineates a pathway for Enterprise Architecture practices in higher education from start-up through full maturity.

The working group is currently on hiatus to allow more practices to use the model to contribute EA Practice Profiles and EA Practice Reviews and to provide comments and suggestions for improvement to the Itana Steering Committee.

Itana expects to reconvene the EAMM-edu Working Group no later than Fall 2019.

Itana Book Club

The Itana book club last reviewed How to Measure Anything. Check out the Itana Events page for day/times for the Book Club calls and the next book selection.

New to Enterprise Architecture (New2EA)

The New2EA Working Group is open to Itana Community Group members who are interesting in launching or relaunching an EA practice as well as those already running mature practices. Itana recognizes that the EA role is inclusive of multiple architecture disciplines, including Business, Information and Technical.

NEW: Itana is launching the premier New to Enterprise Architecture (New2EA) Program in higher education. It is intended for new architects or architects new to higher education!

Learn more and join the list to receive more information.

New!  Women in EA Working Group

Our focus will be on women in EA and how we can create better and more opportunities for recruitment, retention, and advancement in the field.  This working group is open to all.  Check out the Itana Events page for day/times for the call schedule.

Inactive Groups

These groups are not currently active but their wiki sites contain relevant content.

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