The 2024 New2EA Program is in progress! - New applications are not being accepted.

Itana New2EA is an immersive program to help higher education professionals lead effective EA practices and build enduring professional networks.

  • No cost professional certification from EDUCAUSE
  • Applications from a wide variety of roles encouraged
  • Small cohort size and rotating triads to connect with colleagues
  • Lead by seasoned leaders with deep experience
  • Professional mentors assigned to each participant
  • Half-day synchronous meet-ups once a month for 8 months
  • Hands-on practical assignments between meet-ups
  • Global and diverse participation

Learning Outcomes

The program explores Enterprise Architecture from three fundamental perspectives, (1) the architect and what they bring to the table, (2) the practice and how it operates, and (3) the fit of the practice within the university. 

  • Leadership Skills and competencies for architects
  • Soft Skills needed by architects
  • Communication Skills used by architects
  • What is architecture and what is Architectural Thinking?
  • Methods and Tools that are often used by architects
  • Understanding the Context of your architecture practice
  • Case Studies of success and failure


The New2EA Program is designed and delivered as a high-touch immersive learning experience.  Participants experience multiple engagement modes that operate together throughout the program, including:

  • Half-day online workshops each month facilitated by program contributors
  • Rotating-membership triad groups of peers to collaborate on project work, study, and discussion 
  • Regular one-on-one sessions with an assigned mentor, providing leadership coaching and guidance

The end-to-end program experience exposes participants to a wide range of methods and tools, examples of functioning enterprise architecture practices from other institutions, and progressively explores case studies throughout the curriculum as a device to engage participants in a realistic architectural engagement.

New2EA Cohorts

New2EA 2023 Cohort

New2EA 2024 Cohort

New2EA Contributors

Beth Schaefer (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Betsy Draper (Kansas State)

Henry Pruitt (New York University)

Jacob Morris (University of Washington)

jeff kennedy (University of Auckland)

Jim Phelps (University of Washington)

Louis King (Yale University)

Mary Stevens (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Mona Zarei (University of California, San Diego)

Stephanie Warner (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Piet Niederhausen (University of Washington)

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