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Recommendations in response to query: "What is the one book that you read in the last few years that's made the biggest difference for you professionally?".  There were 9 respondents.




Getting Things Done

David Allen

Well, this one is tangentially related to architecture or technology, generally, but I found David Allen's "Getting Things Done" to be really helpful in trying to get my arms around the hairball that is my work life.  I'm not going to say that I'm great at staying organized and keeping on top of everything that comes my way, but Allen's approach has certainly improved my situation.
Number of recommendations: 2

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Jeanne W. Ross
Peter Weill
David Robertson

Number of recommendations: 5

Real Business of IT

Richard Hunter
George Westerman

The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures

Dan Roam

 This book was discussed during the 2019-20 ITANA Program.

Notes from the call


The Goal

Eliyahu Goldratt  Jeff Cox

Especially liked the idea of identifying and resolving bottleneck in a continuous basis, which can ensure us continuously delivery success.

AntiPatterns: The Survival Guide

John Vlissides
Kyle Brown
Gerard Meszaros

You can read a lot of the material directly on the site, though there is a
print version as well.

Getting Real

37 Signals

Leading Change

Dr. John Kotter


Chip Heath
Dan Heath


Paul Sullivan

Fierce Conversations

Susan Scott

Enterprise Architecture at Work: Modelling, Communication and Analysis

Marc Lankhorst

First came across this when starting to look at ArchiMate. Broadly, the book provides a broad view of governance instruments; Architecture methods; Architecture Languages; Communications; Modelling, and; Analysis.  The main bend of the book is towards use of ArchiMate, but is just as useful in helping think through doing constructive work. 

This is a 2nd Ed printing now, which has been updated somewhat.  If you have a Books24x7 subscription through your campus, you can probably find it on there.  Google Books, in Canada at least, has it here.

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  1. Can we add a place to share other books worth reading but that don't meet the 'That one book...' criteria used here?