This Working Group completed the Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model for Higher Education in 2017-2018. Please see that site; the information below is no longer being updated.

The Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model for Higher Education (EAMM-edu) working group will delineate a pathway for Enterprise Architecture practices in higher education from start-up through full maturity.  This EAMM-edu will be predicated on existing industry frameworks and will serve as both a guide and assessment tool for practitioners and University leaders.  The working group will also develop an Applied Practices Guide to address the required skills, methods and readiness indicators anticipated throughout the various stages of maturation.  

We need your perspectives and energy. The effort will consist of conference calls every 2-4 weeks and short, interesting EA practice work  assignments in between. The group will complete an initial draft by August 2017. If you are interested in getting actively involved, please reach out to the the EAMM-Chairs.

EAMM-edu Working Group Charge


Tentative Call Schedule

All meetings scheduled for 1p-2p EDT.





Kickoff-Orientation and discussion of maturity levels, attributes and practice

Maturity Model Comparison Chart

Starting and Enterprise Architecture Practice Working Group (prior work)

Louis King & J. J. Du Chateau

Meeting Notes

EAMM-edu Working Document
EAMM-edu Working Document Compiled Results


Finalize levels and attributes and begin discussion of maturity behaviors under attributes

Meeting Notes


Discuss maturity

Meeting Notes


Finalize maturity behaviors and model

Meeting Notes  


Discuss related practices

Meeting Notes


Discuss related practices

Meeting Notes


Finalize documents and wrap up

Meeting Notes
2017-08 Through 2017-10DraftingWorking Document
2017-10-13Document ReviewMeeting Notes



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