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Next Conference Call

   NOTE:  This week's call is pushed back by 1 week to November 18th!  

Topic: EDUCAUSE Top 10 - role of EA (Susan Grajek,  - EDUCAUSE)

Day/Time: Friday, November 18, 2022 | 11AM PST, Noon Mountain, 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern (7PM GMT)

Zoom call information (enroll in Educause Connect site for Itana to access)

Upcoming calls | Call notes | Conference Call Page

New2EA Program 2022-23

Itana is launching the premier New to Enterprise Architecture (New2EA) Program in higher education. It is intended for new architects or architects new to higher education!

Learn more and join the list to receive more information 

2020-2021 Call Program

Autumn 2022





September 16n/aWelcome to a new year.  What's ahead in Itana including the Working Groups. (Jim)

Itana Kick-Off 2022-2023

September 30State of EA

What is the tenor of EA in HE?  What does leadership think of EA now?

How is your EA Practice health, maturity, culture, context? (Louis). Practice Profile Survey Results.

2022-09-30 Current Temp Slide Deck

2022-09-30 Call Notes

October 14Architecture StrategyCloud Migration Journey - Lessons Learned (Ashish)2022-10-24 Cloud Strategy Migration Call Notes

October 28

Architecture StrategyGoverning the Solution Space (Piet)
November 18Architecture StrategyEDUCAUSE Top 10 - role of EA (Susan Grajek - EDUCAUSE)
November 25n/aNo call - US Thanksgiving Week
December 9State of EAEA Tools - new deployments - lesson's learned (Henry Pruitt, JJ DuChateau)  

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See the full 2022-2023 Itana Program for more. Details for each call are on the Conference Call page. Typically, sessions incorporate a brief (15-30 minute) presentation that shares content and elicits valuable feedback from the session attendees. Please contact the ITANA Steering Committee if you would like to present.

For working group and steering calls, see the Events page.

Key References

EA Maturity Model

From the EAMM working group: EA Maturity Model

Join the conversation by sharing a practice profile or maturity review!

Architecture Methods

From our Spring 2015 Face2Face meeting: Architecture Methods

See the Spring Face2Face 2015 Notes for more on how the participants worked together.

Architecture Leadership

From our Spring 2016 Face2Face meeting: Architecture Leadership

See the Spring Face2Face 2016 Notes for more on this F2F.