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The ITANA API / Governance Working Group is reviewing API design best practices, governance, technologies and resources for higher education. Interested in participating? Please contact Ashish Pandit at

API / Governance WG 2021-2022 Call Program



Presenter / FacilitatorMaterials / Notes


Group Discussion

  • Projects you are working on
  • Topics of interest
  • Challenges you are facing
RoundtableMeeting notes


(The meeting has been moved due to holiday)

Shared services for API development teams: What are the limits and tradeoffs?Rupert Berk (UWash)


IAM Architecture and Services and API security and capabilitiesMatthew Hailstone (BYU)Recording


UW-Madison API program and API Platform rolloutJon Terrones (University of Wisconsin, Madison)


API Programme at The University of WashingtonRupert Berk


Meeting Notes


"Quixotic shepherding of API-led connectivity" = The University of Auckland embarked upon an API Programme more than a decade ago, and success has proven elusive --- this discussion outlines the organisational waxing and waning of enthusiasm, capability, and appetite, and paints a picture of necessity-driven hope for an API-centric future.jeff kennedy (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)


Meeting Notes



Potential Future Topics