This is the home page for the ITANA group's discussion of enterprise workflow. Please feel free to add to the wiki!


So far the group has gathered the following information:


Next steps for the group could include:

  • Provide overviews of workflow systems included with products like the Sun access management system.
  • Develop applicable definitions (what do we mean by workflow?)
  • Define use cases to illustrate the range of problems that we're trying to solve.
  • Develop case studies
  • Compile a survey of tools
  • Adapt information from well-known workflow sites to higher education the workflow management coalition site is
  • Gather example workflows
  • Develop a single workflow (Hiring) and see how it has been implemented on various campuses
  • Have a Screen2Screen session to show the tools that various groups are using, for example:
    • Discussion of the UK Local e-Gov Workflow work - Paul Hobson
    • IBM Websphere Workflow Stack - Paul Hobson
    • Oracle Workflow - Keith Hazelton