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Unless otherwise noted, sessions are conference calls; see the Conference Call Notes page for information.

The ITANA program is intended not just for enterprise architects, but for a wider audience including:

  • Business architecture -- Business architects, business stakeholders, business leaders, etc.

  • Information architecture --  Information architects, data stewards, business and technical consumers, et.

  • Technical architecture -- Technical architects, technical project managers and teams, etc.

Are you interested in leading a session? Please contact the ITANA Steering Committee.

Want to help out? Scribe a call. It's easy. You can scribe in email, in the wiki directly, in a Google Doc. Give a hand. Help out. Take notes.

Winter 2019 Call Program





Jan 11Practice

New to EA - Top Questions Q&A Session

2019-01-11 Call Note

Jan 25Solution ArchJ.J., Raoul, Rupert - Setting Standards

2019-01-25 Call Note

Feb 8ProfilesEA and ERP Programs - what is your role, what value do you get?2019-02-08 Call Note
Feb 22Book ClubReport out: How to Measure Anything
2019-02-22 Call Note
March 8
Matt House (WashU) - “A Career in Organized Anarchy, Building Interpersonal Relationships in Higher Education”

2019-03-08 Call Note

Article: A Career in Organized Anarchy: Building Interpersonal Relationships in Higher Education, Matthew House

March 22

PracticeLeadership Approaches to Organized Anarchy - continuing the conversation.

2019-03-22 Call Note

Article: A Career in Organized Anarchy: Building Interpersonal Relationships in Higher Education, Matthew House

Spring 2019 Call Program





April 5StrategyCloud Strategy at UW-Madison, Emory University

2019-04-05 Call Note

April 19ITSM and EAJoint call: How is your EA practice involved? What does it really look like at your institution?2019-04-19 Call Note
May 3Future StateWhat is the value of Central IT in the future? How do you have the conversation in the Central IT unit? How do you help the institution gear up to work in the new future (cloud, SaaS, etc.)?2019-05-03 Call Note
May 17PracticeU Washington's EA Quarterly Planning Process - getting a handle on our work and outcomes.2019-05-17 Call Note
May 31Progress ReportReport out things you worked on improving over the year2019-05-31 Call Note
June 14n/a2018-2019 Wrap-Up - Lessons Learning - Plus/Deltas/Big Ideas/ Questions from the year2019-06-14 Call Note

Note:  No general membership conference calls are scheduled for Summer quarter.  Working Group calls may continue.  See each Working Group leader/page for info.


Autumn 2018 Call Program 




Oct 05
2018 - 2019 Kick-off Call Facilitator: Jim Phelps

2018-10-05 Call Note

Oct 19Practice of EAThe EA Maturity Model - Louis King, Piet Niederhausen2018-10-19 Call Note
Oct 30Face2Face 2018Applying the EAMM2018-10-30 Face2Face Resources
Nov 16MentoringMentoring Program & Pair/Triad Report Out

2018-11-16 Call Note

CG Mentoring Pilot_ Kick-off Webinar Slides.pptx

Nov 30Solution ArchAPI Management Working Group Report Out, Ashish Pandit2018-11-30 Call Note
Dec 14ProfilesBrendan Bellina (UCLA) - Capturing Architectural Posture – a Metrics-based Approach

2018-12-14 Call Note



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