The ITANA Steering Committee, formed in 2014, coordinates ITANA activities and carries out ITANA Governance.

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Activities and Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering committee supports the Chair and helps drive the mission of Itana by:

  • Building out the content for the upcoming Itana sessions including bi-weekly calls, Screen2Screen sessions, and Face2Face to meetings
  • Communicating to the members through various channels including the wiki, email lists, publications, calls, and conferences.
  • Supporting the Chair by filling in when the Chair is unavailable.
  • Represent Itana at various events

See the current Itana Charter for the full list of duties:  Itana Charter


The members of our Steering Committee are:


The Steering Committee meets monthly. Meetings are listed on the Events page.


Itana Steering Committee Call Minutes - 2017

Minutes of past meetings are available here:

Honorary Fellows

The Honorary Fellows of Itana retain their full membership in Itana and are recognized for their contributions and outstanding work on behalf of Itana. The Steering Committee and Chair appreciate their dedication and are proud to call them friends and fellow Itana members.

  • Jim Phelps (University of Washington), Itana founder, past Chair, Steering Committee Member
  • Rich Stevenson (previously of UMUC) past Vice Chair, CG Co-lead, Steering Committee Member
  • Scott Fullerton (previously of UW-Madison) past Interim Vice Chair, Steering Committee Member, Itana Founder
  • Brenda Reeb (previously of University of Rochester) Steering Committee Member
  • Jose Cedeno, (previously of Oregon State University) Steering Committee Member

Past Steering Committee Members

The following members previously served on the Itana Steering Committee. They contributed to strategic direction and day-to-day activities and they helped to drive the mission of Itana. The Chair and Steering Committee are grateful to the following for their contribution of time and energy.

  • Chris Eagle (University of Michigan) past Vice Chair, CG Lead, Steering Committee Member and early founder of Itana.
  • Rich Stevenson (previously of UMUC) past Vice Chair, CG Co-lead, Steering Committee Member
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