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Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

ITSM and EA Call

Today’s topic is based on an Educause working group.

ITSM, Governance and EA

Beth Schaefer

Groups charge to produce materials for leaders.

Piet provided “light” definition of IT Governance, IT Service Management, and Enterprise Architecture.  Then demonstrated how practice ares grow at their own pace at the University of Washington. No really coherent plan...just evolved.   Movement towards strategy to portfolio. This effort can show how these practice areas can work together. How can we be intentionall and use these tools to be intentional.

Betsy Draper-Cyclican nature of practice areas.   Capture how this practice relates to the CAUDIT model. 
Jim-Which of these things are pushing out and what other things are being dragged behind. 

Betsy-KSU restructuring budget model based on business areas.  Money follows the structure. Governance becomes more evident.

Possibly need Financial Management?    Usually hidden behind IT Governance. Portfolio Management and Budget are not connected.

Example from UW-Milwaukee (Beth Schaefer)
More collaboration and roadmapping

Greater definition on IT Governance 

Decision making process and not compliance
Policy Example:  Firewalls-Information Security-affects many business areas
Roadmapping:  Being done in Central IT.  CFO want to extract to the whole division.  Dealing with unfunded mandates.

University of Washington 500
Practice Areas: ITSM, EA and Governance.  Led by different teams and different divisions.
Still needing alignment.    Align towards more business needs.
What is the difference between project and service portfolio.
IT Governance works with outside business units
ITSM being rolled out as a service.
Working with SR Leadership to define goals for portfolio management.  Having better conversations where they want to go.

Jim-Data models-Data and what systems. Facilitation. 
Not management attention on designing the organization and dealing with the next big change.  Helping the leaders to design the organization.

Nebraska:  Most leadership is being operational….Service Catalog:  start aligning with a common agreed upon name. Value of service catalog.

JJ:  Service Strategy is an ITSM name….the problem is people take that quite literally and siloized.

IT Governance:  New revisions with CIO not well defined….it became a catchall...different facets. 

Difference between Project and Service Portfolio.  Service Lifecycle….called by different terms.

Betsy:  Turn back to CAUDIT Model:  Use this as the common language to discuss strategy

Sege Goldstein:  Good governance but no EA and ITSM. 


From Chris Stanley (SCSU) : Sorry, I have no Mic right now. Chris Stanley, St. Cloiud State University

From Karen Wetzel : Hi there! I’ve just joined.

From U Washington EA Team : Hi Chris and Hi Karen.  Welcome

From U Washington EA Team : Karen anything to add?

From Beth Schaefer : Hi Karen!

From Karen Wetzel : Nothing to add from my end — just hoping to hear from everyone their thoughts on the slides that Piet and Beth are sharing and that we hope to incorporate in our working group work.

From J.J. Du Chateau : If definitions can vary, isn't there a concern that your "defining" these items creates a definition?

From U Washington EA Team : I think, JJ, the point is that this is an overlapping Venn Diagram.  People may center their different definitions at different parts in each circle. 

From Todd Jensen : I think a least some guide rails regarding verbiage and definition helps understand overlap

From Karen Wetzel : One of the things we want to focus on is that intentionality — that it’s a good time to be more strategic/future-thinking (versus more the grassroots/organic) and focusing on outcomes/goals.

From Karen Wetzel : Digital Transformation (Dx):

From Chris Stanley (SCSU) : I very much agree with the cyclical nature of evolving models

From Karen Wetzel : Exactly — I love that it’s not just about IT but how our work gets brought across the organization.

From Karen Wetzel : I really like the idea of including financial management in here. Or at least touching on how this might be integrating when we start working on these together more. What a future vision might be, perhaps.

From U Washington EA Team : As they are talking, think about your example and be ready to share

From J.J. Du Chateau : +1 Piet.  Same experience re designing the org

From U Washington EA Team : Some big challenges are trying to get the Organziation to define its Stance (Commodity IT Provider vs. Business Transformation Partner), the operating model for the Org or different parts of the Org (Customer Experience Focused, Innovation Focused, Operational Excellence Focused).

From U Washington EA Team : Without these foundational agreements, agreements on how we operate the Org are really challenging - are we governing for lots of business engagement and rapid innovation or for cost containment?

From Karen Wetzel : FYI - we are in a revision of the service catalog, and have changes with the categories and more guidance. It’s not meant to be a standard, as much as a starting place ;)

From Chris Stanley (SCSU) : That's our story too, we didn't want to use it since it had holes, but we're using it now for common language and a place to start and we should've earlier

From Karen Wetzel : We’ll absolutely be adding more context — so that there is a greater understanding about how these might vary from institution to institution. I love Piet’s suggestion that maybe we might include some guiding questions to help with understanding how this might play out locally.

From Karen Wetzel : Good point re PM.

From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : I’ll need to take off a few minutes early.

From J.J. Du Chateau : +1 Betsy.  We too are trynig to "insert" CAUDIT reference models as a start of a common vocabulary a handful of major efforts just starting: HR redesign, Financial redesign, Service Catalog, Service Portfolio, Service Rationalization, Interoperability

From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : Business Architecture Working Group update.  We will have a session next week. Check for details on the Itana working group page.

From Sanjay H. Boolani : We engage Service Management, Knowledge Management stakeholders in all our Enterprise Architecture Reviews.

14:55:30 From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : Nice work Piet and Beth!

14:55:35 From Chris Stanley (SCSU) : Serge, I'd argue your ASR beelds into EA. Our copy of your work is certainly taking that spin.

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