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Topic: What have you been working on this year

U of Michigan (Chris Eagle)

With leadership change, focus has been on delivering wins on low-hanging fruit e.g. developing team-focused strategies

This has been a change from the traditional two-pronged approach of other CIOs.

EA focused on delivering value in this context by working on low-hanging fruit.

U of Waterloo (Maher Shinouda)

EA has been focused within central IT.

Application inventory project

  • EA project, not business project.
  • Focus on understanding the landscape; current state was limited understanding, and not understanding the impact of replacement or change to the environment.
  • Estimated 200+ systems.
  • Developed a basic template: who is owner, lead, unit, ...
  • Tom Barton (U of Chicago) did something similar with Graph DB.
  • Example of use: With projects such as 2FA, could prioritize which systems to roll out changes to 
  • What's the model for keeping the information updated? Each director establish contact people. Maher reaches out every month or two to directors to see if there are any changes.
  • How do you define application? Use the word app as something that provides service to end-user.
  • How much effort was it? Light to begin with, but will get heavier as we drill into systems that have many interfaces and integration points.
  • What are examples of how it has helped decisions? Will need to capture more attributes for planning.
    • Office365 ... being able to see on-premise and cloud systems in one diagram has been helpful in working on this project.

Interest in having a separate Itana forum to drill in further.

Boston College (Alberto Mendoza)

Use of Archimate (and Archi) to understand current-state app architecture.


  • Auxillary Services (parking, dining)
  • Campus Security project (access management, police, surveillance)
  • Needed quick way to show relationships between systems.


  • No CMDB, or architectural repository.

In the process of writing white paper on how to do this, hopefully soon to be published.

See following screenshot of example diagram.

Reorganized IT services based on ECAR service categories.

JJ: Could tie this to business capabilities, using for example the CAUDIT model. 

Alberto: Approach is to separate the architectural models from the actual CMDB repo.

Jim: Reach out to Alan Croswell.

University of Washington (Piet Niederhausen)

Business Analysis Community of Practice (CoP)

We see a lot of projects that haven't found the right scope, or stakeholders. So, we promote business analysis practices via our existing structure of CoP.

It has gone from social to substantive group. 

Recently, the group documented BA methods (similar to those on Itana). These have been published and shared.

We can now go into meetings and point people to common methods and approaches and encourage people to do this kind of work.

Materials are still draft, and could use further development. We hope to add more over time.

Consider this a case study in what can be done with community work.

More information available here.

You will find a broad range of people doing this work.

Chris: Link this to the Itana web site?

Miami University of Ohio (Dana Miller)

 Integrated the CAUDIT HEBRM into the ITSM Tool and created relationships with applications

This integration has setup the next effort of developing capability and application roadmaps with the business

This will be the first step in an EA reboot, especially after the departure of the Enterprise Architect earlier this year.

Also, would like to invest in better portfolio management.

University of Washington (Jim Phelps)

We have focused on delivering increments of improvement to the EA practice.

Having a plan like this that maps to our maturity model has been very helpful in helping us move forwards over the course of the first half of the year.

Chris: Would you have done this with a capability map before there was a maturity model?

Chat History

11:08:11 From Alberto Mendoza (Boston College) : Not an EA, but working on an internal proposal for Archimate and Architecture Repository
11:08:59 From J.J. Du Chateau : Alberto, that might be a nice presentation topic for next fall or winter Itana session after you make some progress.
11:09:51 From Piet Niederhausen : Business Analysis Community of Practice, sponsored by EA
11:12:59 From Alberto Mendoza (Boston College) : I'll be happy to do so, that is of course would need to run it by my boss first, who is an apps mgr and not an EA either, but would like to hear from experienced EAs and poke holes to it
11:13:50 From James J Phelps : Hi All - if you have a topic to share, throw it in here.
11:18:21 From Alberto Mendoza (Boston College) : I'll go next, I think this dovetails nicely with Maher's work
11:18:46 From James J Phelps : Got it Alberto
11:26:50 From Piet Niederhausen : PLEASE MUTE if you are not speaking.
11:30:35 From J.J. Du Chateau : Not everyone who does architecture-esk tasks has an architect title.
11:31:01 From J.J. Du Chateau : *architecture or architecture-ish tasks that is
11:31:18 From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : 1) Integrated the CAUDIT HEBRM into the ITSM Tool and created relationships with applications
11:32:27 From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : 2) This integration has setup the next effort of developing capability and application roadmaps with the businees
11:33:48 From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : 3) The road mapping effort can potentially be associated with EA reboot depending on the direction of a new CIO and AVP of application development.
11:36:37 From Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio : 4) The capability mapping effort will also be incorporated into a proposal for improved portfolio management and delivery team alignment
11:40:36 From James J Phelps : ECAR is EDUCAUSE not Itana though I'm happy to take credit. :-)
11:46:16 From Margaret Johnson and Don Petravick (NCSA) : We are using ArchiMate at NCSA as well (and trying to integrate with a CMDB). Can you please post the name you just mentioned? Alan?
11:47:19 From James J Phelps :
11:50:10 From James J Phelps : If we have time, EA Practice 2.0
11:55:00 From James J Phelps : Alan Crosswell at Columbia University - if you want a digital intro, send me an email at

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