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Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

Topic: API Management Working Group Report Out, Ashish Pandit 

Ashish:  The API working group report out represents 3 years of work.  Ashish comes from a SOA background.

Much of the report out also represents the efforts of migrating to Cloud.

The API work is also about engaging with the business and we have to be careful because some new tools come with headless applications.

Promises with the business are not always easy to keep.

The group is learning what it takes to build a quality API which means alignment with the business which is quite a bit of work.

Why did the group start?

To share best practices, governance and technologies.

Initial Goals:

  • Understand governance and organizational aspects

  • Different than top down and more community driven

Matthew Hailstone-BYU:

  • Chronological review of Data Modeling

Rupert Berk is hosting a panel on how the APIs fit into the ecosystem in January.

API managers such as PeopleSoft used University of California

University of Michigan:

  • Enterprise Service Bus

  • Creating of structure of data stewards and Product managers, service level expectations

  • Branding of the effort is important  due to the many different groups they were working with  

  • Creating a new way of working with the data.  Free the Data campaign. Discussed concerns about this term regarding loss of control

  • Create an outreach effort.  The API is an enabler for accessing the data.  Changing the culture but still protective of the data

  • Key to a successful campaign is clarity


  • Controlling access to the data and creating gating but also creating better access

  • Under what conditions you are going to access the data

Rupert from the University of Washington talked about an effort going back to 2008 working with the registrar who felt they were getting the access they wanted.

Jim from the University of Wisconsin

  • Answering business decisions


  • Concern of data stewards

  • APIs present a uniform way to get to the data

  • Get at the data in a more consistent way

  • Consistency was part of the messaging

Good sharing of the group regarding the person API Definition

University of Waterloo:

  • Supporting multiple languages

  • Messaging of opening data

  • Start with the open data


Academic data starts with a lot of security

Oregon State, Jose Cedeno:

  • Breaking down the monolith

    • Modular

      • Overlap between monolith and micro services

  • Problems solved

    • scaling

  • Problems created

    • complexity due to diversity

  • Architectures

  • Problems solved faster

UW Madison:

  • Example of API was website of database outages


  • Self Sovereign Identity

  • Empower the students to manage their learning data

  • Giving them transcript data.


  • Cross campus enrollment, blockchain transcript-lack of security, distribute with a key,  portable student history, personal transcript, transfer records to different universities or employers

  • Public blockchain


  • Developer Portal Architecture

API/Data Governance:

  • Identify the owners and stewards

  • Define the Business terms, API aligned with technology terms and business terms.

How were the Business Terms defined?

Reaching out to the business to define the business terms.  Brad Stone: We used an Iterative approach.

TIER Provisioning/Deprovisioning-UW Madison

HAX-Penn State

LMS-Course interfaces WSYWG but supports infrastructure.

Upcoming for the Working Group:

  • Organization aspects

  • Survey-about what topics in the future

  • What is involved in standing up an API program

  • Role

  • Staff

  • How should teams be organized

  • Vendor neutral

  • API Documentation Debate

  • Demos from Itana members

  • Data Modeling

  • Microservices

  • API Catalog

    • Is there a need for sub-team within Itana regarding cataloging

    • Collaborative approach to the catalog

Survey Results will be coming

Jim Phelps suggested the working group pull the efforts of the past 3 years into a white paper regarding the state of APIs in higher education which could be an Educause publication.


14:16:12 From Brandon Rich : Is that a CSG panel?

14:16:36 From James J Phelps : No.  This is an API Working Group panel

14:16:41 From Brandon Rich : thanks

14:27:45 From J.J. Du Chateau : Fitness for use is always a metadata (documentatoin) problem that I think the community could learn from the geospatial community.  FGDC's & ISO's geospatial metadata standard can give one a sense of type of metadata to help users access fitness for use.

14:41:21 From Brandon Rich : Any recording of that security webinar?

14:44:46 From Ashish Pandit : Yes, recording is posted on working group site

14:46:52 From James J Phelps :

14:47:13 From James J Phelps : Notes, recordings and slides from the API WG meetings are on the page above?

15:02:14 From James J Phelps :

15:02:55 From Dana Miller-Miami Ohio to James J Phelps (Privately) : Great work!

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