Log into the Federation Manager as a site admin.

From the site home page (SA Dashboard), scroll down to the "Existing Identity Providers" section.

Find your identity provider (IdP); click the IdP's entity ID to enter the View/Edit an Identity Provider page. 

"View/Edit Identity Provider" is a step-by-step, multi-section form designed to guide you through the steps of registering a new identity provider in InCommon. The steps are listed on the left of the form. 

NOTE: Since you cannot edit the Entity ID and Scope once your IdP has been published to the InCommon metadata, the first step, "Entity and Scope" does not appear if this IdP has been previously published to the InCommon metadata

Remember to navigate to "Review and Submit" to submit your entity for publication. Your changes won't be published to the InCommon metadata until you submit it for publication.

Editing SAML metadata elements

To learn more about each section in the Add a New Identity Provider form, click on each topic here: