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Delegated Administration is the ability for a Site Administrator to delegate management of select Service Provider(SP) metadata to another person in their organization. This delegated role is called a Delegated Administrator. For organizations with a large number of SPs, or where the SP is operated by a departmental unit, delegated administration allows an organization to spread out the metadata management workload.

How delegated metadata administration works

  • A Site Administrator delegates the ability to administer SP metadata to a delegated administrator by providing the eduPersonPrincipalName and e-mail address of a prospective Delegated Administrator.
  • A Site Administrator uses the Delegated Administration feature in Federation Manager to assign ongoing management duties of particular SPs to a Delegated Administrator.
  • A Delegated Administrator may modify and/or delete SP entities assigned to him/her.
  • A Delegated Administrator can create new SP entity.
  • Any metadata update made by a Delegated Administrator must be approved by a Site Administrator for publication to the InCommon metadata.

Step-by-step topics

For Site Administrator:

For Delegated Administrator: