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System Requirements

Federation Manager (FM) is a web application that works with all modern desktop web browsers. When using FM, please make sure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Operating systems: vendor supported versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or other OS with supported web browsers.
  • Web browsers: vendor supported versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
  • FM requires Javascript and cookies. Please make sure those features are enabled in your browser.
  • Mobile: FM can work on a mobile device, though its user interface is not optimized for smaller displays.

Eligible Users

Only authorized individuals from the InCommon Federation operations and participant organizations can access Federation Manager. 

To manage metadata for a Participant organization, a user must have one of these following roles:

  • Site Administrator
    • can sign into FM to view, add, update, and remove his/her organization's metadata
    • can request entity metadata to be published to the InCommon metadata
    • can designate additional delegated administrators
    • reviews metadata updates made by a Delegated Administrator and approves them for submission
  • Delegated Administrator
    • can sign into FM to update a subset of his/her organization's entity metadata as determined by the Site Administrator

How do I become a Site Administrator?

An Participant's InCommon Executive assigns up to two Site Administrators to manage the organizations' entity metadata in InCommon. See InCommon Roles on the InCommon web site for more information.