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What's new in version 5.0

Federation Manager 5.0 is slated for release on May 13, 2020.

Guided metadata editing interface

Federation Manger 5.0 sports a brand new metadata management user interface for Site Administrators (SA) and Delegated Administrators (DA). The new interface provides a step-by-step, guided experience to help a user break down the complex task of entering/editing SAML metadata. The ability to peek at the matching XML snippets along the way helps with understanding what your final SAML metadata will look like. 

You can save your work!

Federation Manager now saves your work as you go along. This is a particularly useful feature when registering a new entity. Enter what you know. Come back later to enter the rest without having to re-type everything all over again. 

Un-publish an entity from the InCommon metadata

Prior to version 5.0, to un-publish an entity from the InCommon metadata, a Site Administrator had to either delete the entity from Federation Manager altogether or petition the Federation Registration Authority to un-publish on their behalf. Starting in version 5.0, a Site Administrator can un-publish an entity from the InCommon metadata without deleting it from Federation Manager.

Configurable indexing for Assertion Consumer Service endpoints

It's there now if you need it: you can now set the index number assigned to each Assertion Consumer Service endpoint in the SP metadata.

Improved signing and encryption key handling

We've overhauled the entire signing and encrypting key management interface:

  • You can now designate separate keys for signing and encryption.
  • You can enter more than 2 keys/certificates.
  • The revised UI helps you examine the uploaded keys/certificates.
  • Improved default and constraint checking reduces incorrect certificate/key configuration in metadata.

Technical release notes from past versions

The full history of Federation Manager's technical release notes is here.

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