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General announcement and discussion lists

The participants discussion list

participants  is where the InCommon community comes together to help each other. In addition to general InCommon announcements, community members discuss collaboration and help each other with InCommon-related technical and implementation matter.

The list is open to everyone. To subscribe, send an email to sympa@incommon.org with the subject:  SUBSCRIBE participants@incommon.org.

The inc-ops-notifications announcement list

inc-ops-notifications is InCommon Federation’s official technical announcement list. InCommon Operations shares important notifications, including modifications to the metadata generation system, service interruptions, and any other important technical announcements via this list.

An InCommon Site Administrator is automatically subscribed to this list. It is the Site Administrator’s responsibility to coordinate and relay important list announcements get to the right individuals within his/her organization.

Additional technical contacts may also subscribe directly to this list. To subscribe, send an email to sympa@incommon.org  with the subject: SUBSCRIBE inc-ops-notifications@incommon.org.

Workshops, webinars, and events

InCommon offers a number of online and in-person learning and networking opportunities throughout the year for community members to gather and exchange ideas.

IAM Online Webinars

IAM Online is a monthly webinar series delivering interactive education on Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM Online is brought to you by InCommon, Internet2, and the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information Security Council.

view Learn more about IAM Online

Shibboleth Installation Workshop

This two-day, in-person, instructor-lead training course offer hands-on training to help those new to Shibboleth learn how to install, configure, and manage the Shibboleth software.

view Learn more about InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop

Grouper School

Grouper School offers in-person, instructor-lead training to help those new to Grouper  learn how to install, configure, and manage the Grouper software.

view Attend Grouper School

InCommon BaseCAMP

InCommon BaseCAMP brings together all those interested in the basics of identity and access management — whether you manage identities, make resources available to folks from other organizations, or both.

The 2019 InCommon BaseCAMP will be held from Aug 13-15, 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Internet2 Technology Exchange

The Internet2 Technology Exchange is a premier technical event in the global R&E community, convening the community’s technology visionaries — including chief technologists, scientists, engineers, architects, operators and students from around the U.S. and the globe.

The 2019 Technology Exchange will be held from December 9 – 12 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Internet2 Global Summit

The Internet2 Global Summit is a community forum for our members and partners from around the world to participate in unprecedented collaboration to discuss today’s needs, challenges and solutions across all Research and Education.

The Research and Education FEDerations group (REFEDS)

The REFEDS (the Research and Education FEDerations group) is the voice that articulates the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide. The group represents the requirements of research and education in the ever-growing space of access and identity management, working with and influencing the direction of other organizations on behalf of our participants.

The InCommon Federation is an active participants in REFEDS activities. Much of the global federation practices and standards development happen in REFEDS working groups. 

view Learn more about REFEDS

Federated identity Management 4 Research (FIM4R)

FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research) is a collection of research communities and infrastructures with a shared interest in enabling Federated Identity Management for their research cyber infrastructures.

FIM4R develops requirements bearing on technical architecture, federated identity management, and operational policies needed to achieve a harmonious integration between research cyber infrastructures and R&E Federations.

view Learn more about FIM4R

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