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This action requires a user to be a Site Administrator.

To designate a Delegated Administrator (DA) sign into the Federation Manager and select "Delegated Administrators" from the top navigation menu to enter the Delegated Administrators management page:

Add or remove a Delegated Administrator

Add a Delegated Administrator

From the "Delegated Administrators page, enter the name and email address of the person you wish to designate as a DA and click "Add".

If the DA has already completed the Internet2 (I2) Identity Services registration, and the email you entered matches their email address recorded in I2 Identity Services, Federation Manager will link the records. When the link is in place, the DA's record only displays a "Remove" option (see record 2 in image above). 

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If the DA entered has no completed I2 Identity Services' registration process, Federation Manager will send an email invitation to the email address you enter here. The invitation contains a one time link to invite the perspective DA to sign in and complete the one-time identity registration process. As long as the registration is not complete, a "Resend Enrollment Email" remains visible next to that DA's record.

For more information about the registration process, see Internet2 Identity Services Registration Guide.

Resend Enrollment Email

The invitation to complete a I2 Identity Services registration has a 7 day expiration window. In the event a DA is unable to complete registration in that period, you can resend the invitation to a DA by clicking the "Resend Enrollment Email" button.

IMPORTANT: if the DA will be signing in via your 

Remove a Delegated Administrator

To remove a DA, click "Remove" next to their entry.

Assign SP management a Delegated Administrator

Select "Assign SP Metadata" tab from the Delegated Administrators page.

For reach SP you wish to delegate assignment, select the DA you wish to assign from the drop down and click "Add".

A DA can create new SP metadata records. They automatically have access to manage any SP metadata they create.