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InCommon makes possible trustworthy academic collaboration that reaches far beyond what a single organization can do on its own, through identity and access management technologies and services that are integrated across the globe.


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Support Research & Scholarship (R&S)

Do your part to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic: configure your identity provider to support the REFEDS Research and Scholarship category to rapidly connect your researchers and scientists with international collaborations

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workbox To IdPs who still support the InCommon-only R&S category

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InCommon to adopt remote metadata signing 

April 1, 2020 - On April 8, 2020, InCommon will move to an automated metadata signing process, replacing the existing in-person signing procedure, to comply with the State of Michigan's Shelter-in-Place Order. This change continues to ensure the integrity of the InCommon metadata; it requires no action on your part. Read more.

COVID-19 call to action - We need your help

March 26, 2020 - The international science community has asked for the InCommon community's help in connecting researchers and scientists to collaborations that are rapidly forming in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to find out how you can help.

Using metadata

Find and retrieve metadata for identity providers and service providers in InCommon and R&E federations around the world.

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Handling errors in federated SSO

Create a seamless federated SSO experience for your users. Manage those federated errors with care.

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Working with the discovery service

Configure the discovery service to help your users easily find their home organizations during federated single sign on.

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Entity categories

Support trusted, global research and scholarly collaboration by adopting standard practices and specifications defined with entity categories.

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Implement Federation best practices

Help the InCommon Federation help you get the most out of being InCommon. Learn and adopt Federation best practices.

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SAML and other technical references

Want to learn how things work under the hood? Check out the InCommon Federation technical references

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Deploy software

Get federation-optimized, packaged, and free identity and access management software: InCommon Trusted Access Platform

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Ask the community

Find answers, support, and inspiration from US and international federated identity management community members.

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InCommon policies and practices

Participant agreements, practices and policies; privacy statements; terms and conditions. Find them on the InCommon website.

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