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This space is for the work of the Vendor subgroup

Draft Documents

The InC-Library Collaboration Vendor Subgroup has drafted two documents that are open to the community for review and comment.

Best Practices - This page documents best practices for resource providers and libraries.

Registry Of Resources - This documents which service providers have federated their resources, or are in the process of doing so.


Develop a prioritized list of information providers (e.g. JSTOR, Science Direct, etc) that the group would like to have support Shibboleth-enabled access. Determine which resources already support Shibboleth. Identify the top priorities for making the business case to support Shib. Include information about which vendors are already associated with InCommon.  Use this information to create best practices and the beginnings of a registry of Shibboleth-enabled resources.

Subgroup members

David Kennedy, Duke, chair
Adam Chandler (Cornell)
Andy Ingham (U of North Carolina)
Jonathan Lavigne, Stanford University
Kent Percival, U of Guelph
Joy Veronneau (Cornell)
Jason Zavar, OCLC
Fred Zhang (Michigan State)
Foster Zhang (Johns Hopkins)


The group has identified three goals to complete in the coming few months:

  • Prioritize a list of resources that will strengthen the use case for Shibboleth
  • Document recommendations for resource providers
  • Develop a registry of compliant resources, beginning with prioritized resources

Organization of Work

In order to meet these goals, the following tasks have been laid out:

  • Document a list of prioritized resources to target initially
  • Document recommendations for resource providers/criteria for compliance
  • Determine information to collect from resource providers and create registry framework (checklist)
  • Contact priority vendors, but first agree on common approach to doing this
  • Test resource providers for compliance

Meeting Notes