These subgroups were defined by the working group on April 3, 2009.

Use Case Subgroup

Develop a comprehensive list of use cases related to accessing information vendors from a variety of starting points, group them as appropriate and prioritize them. This includes developing the use cases for walk-in patrons that may or may not have university credentials. Examples include the case in which a vendor contract allows use by a walk-up patron, and the case in which use is restricted to those affiliated with the university. Identify the more popular approaches that campuses use for allowing access (e.g. GUEST login IDs, etc.).

Thomas Howell (Northwestern U) -- Chair
Andy Dale (OCLC)
Lynn Garrison (Penn State)
Paul Hill (MIT)
Barry Johnson (Clemson)
John Kiser (U of Penn)
Tim Mori (NC State)
Tod Olson (U of Chicago)
Heather Tones White (U of Saskatchewan)
Rich Wenger (MIT)

Vendor Subgroup

Develop a prioritized list of information providers (e.g. JSTOR, Science Direct, etc) that the group would like to have support Shibboleth-enabled access. Determine which vendors already support Shibboleth. Identify the top priorities for making the business case to support Shib. Include information about which vendors are already associated with InCommon.

David Kennedy, Duke, chair
Adam Chandler (Cornell)
Andy Ingham (U of North Carolina)
Jonathan Lavigne, Stanford University
Kent Percival, U of Guelph
Joy Veronneau (Cornell)
Jason Zavar, OCLC
Fred Zhang (Michigan State)
Foster Zhang (Johns Hopkins)