InC-Library, Phase 2

Webinar Describes Work with EZProxy/Shibboleth and Vendor Relations

David Kennedy led an InCommon Library Services webinar on January 15, 2010, to describe the current work in Shibbolizing EZProxy, as well as developing best practices for library service providers.

The webinar is archived here

The slide deck is available here (PDF)

UNC Case Study on Shibboleth and EZProxy

At the mid-Atlantic EDUCAUSE meeting in January 2010, Andy Ingham presented a case study of how an ARL library has begun to implement Shibboleth authentication within the InCommon Federation for its EZproxy service and for individual electronic resources. Specific challenges encountered in implementation at UNC-Chapel Hill are discussed.

The slide deck is available here (PDF).

Best Practices and Resource Registry

The Phase 2 Vendor Subgroup has produced two documents; we continue to invite your review and comments.

Best Practices: documents best practices for resource providers and libraries.

Registry of Resources: Information about resources that we have contacted and are in various stages of Shibboleth-compliance.  The intent is to provide a checklist for vendors for Shibboleth implementation, and to provide implementation details to universities who would like to integrate with Shibboleth-enabled resources.

Background for Phase 2 Participants

Phase 2 of the collaboration will involve IdPs that are implementing Shibboleth and/or the Shibboleth/EZProxy combination for access to protected library resources.

Read this brief summary of the issues considered by Phase 1, including answers to these questions:

  • Why should I implement the Shibboleth-enabled rewrite proxy?
  • Why should I provide access to Shibboleth-enabled vendors with the rewrite proxy?
  • If I have a Shib-enabled rewrite proxy, why access resources though Shib?
  • Bullet list of use cases
  • Bullet list of barriers to adoption
  • Recommendation for focusing outreach efforts

Read about the work done during Phase 1.

See the notes from the conference calls.

Use cases contributed by the community.

List of top-10 outside vendors.

Piloting Technology Approaches
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