BE2 Implementation Guide

The annotated BE2 Implementation Guide is the wiki edition of the official Implementation Guidance for Baseline Expectations 2 document. It provides detailed guidance on how to meet each of the BE2 requirements. This web edition contains additional, up-to-date comments and notes.

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Baseline Expectations 2 FAQ

The Baseline Expectations 2 FAQ provides quick tips and answers to help you bring your services to adherence with the requirements in Baseline Expectations 2.

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Baseline Expectations - Improvements coming soon!

The InCommon Federation operations team has been working throughout 2023 to introduce a series of enhancements to help participants maintain adherence with Baseline Expectations. We are happy to announce that the first set of these changes will soon appear in Federation Manager. Learn more.

About Baseline Expectations

The InCommon Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation are comprised of three brief sets of statements for the parties participating in the InCommon Federation: Identity Provider Operators (IdP), Service Provider Operators (SP), and the Federation Operator. Participants are required to adhere to these statements as a condition of participating in the Federation. Together, these statements:

  • provide a baseline for trust
  • make collaboration more predictable
  • ensure that the InCommon Federation’s strategic value to research and education continues to grow.

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