The Email Address Dashboard Widget is a Registry Dashboard plugin that allows for self service management of Email Addresses.

1.1. Availability

The Email Address Dashboard Widget is available in COmanage Registry version 4.1.0.

1.2. Features

  • The Email Address widget is intended to be very simple to use and is aimed at end-users rather than administrators. It lacks the feature-richness (and therefore complexity) of the email listing currently available in a user's profile page (the Person canvas).
  • Email verification takes place immediately when a user adds an email address. A six-character token is sent to the email address supplied by the user using a standard message or a predefined message template. The user must copy the token into the widget to complete the verification process and add the email address. By default, the token has a ten-minute timeout before it expires. The timeout can be changed in the widget's configuration.
  • A default email address type can be established in the widget configuration. All addresses added using the widget will be of this type. If no type is configured, email addresses added using the widget will fall back to type "Official".
  • The widget may be used in conjunction with the Elector Data Filter Plugin to prioritize which email address will be used during provisioning. By setting the Elector Data Filter to use the default type provided by this widget as the first choice, administrators can prioritize an end-user's choice of email address.
  • The widget can be configured (as of Registry 4.3.1) to limit the number of email of addresses that can be added. This allows, for example, the widget to enforce the existence of a single email address of a specific type.
  • The widget can be configured (as of Registry 4.3.1) to retain the last remaining email address so that an end-user cannot delete it.
  • The widget can be configured (as of Registry 4.3.1) to allow a user to replace any email address. When used in conjunction with the "retain last" feature, the widget will ensure that a user can change an email address without first deleting it.

1.3. Configuration

  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information. The plugin is found at app/AvailablePlugin/EmailAddressWidget.

  2. The Email Address Widget must be attached to a suitable Dashboard, create one if there is not one already available.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Create a Message Template with a Context of Plugin, with the contents of the message to be sent to confirm control of the Email Address being added. (The substitution (@TOKEN) will be replaced with the actual token.)
  4. Add a new Dashboard Widget, with the Plugin set to EmailAddressWidget.
  5. On the plugin configuration page,
    1. set the Default Email Type to the Email Address Type that will be assigned to Email Addresses using this instantiation of the Widget.
      1. (info) It is possible to allow multiple address types to be collected by instantiating the widget multiple times.
    2. Set the Email Address Limit (as of Registry 4.3.1) to specify the number of email addresses allowed by this widget. Leave this value empty to allow an unlimited number of entries.
    3. Set the Message Template if you chose to use one. If you do not use a Message Template, you will a very simple default message will be used.
    4. Set the Verification Validity in minutes. This is the length of time the verification code sent to the user in email will remain valid. By default, this is 10 minutes.
    5. Select Allow Replace (as of Registry 4.3.1) if you wish to allow users to replace any email address with another. Attempting to replace an email address will prompt users for verification. The email address will only be replaced if the new address is verified.
    6. Select Retain Last Email Address (as of Registry 4.3.1) to disallow the last email address in the widget to be deleted. When active, the "ADD" button will change to "REPLACE" when only one address remains. This will occur independent of the "Allow Replace" setting.

1.4. Considerations

This plugin manages the Email Addresses of the currently logged in user, so Dashboards Visibility configurations control who has access to see this feature.

When a new Email Address is added, a verification message will be sent to confirm the address. The Email Address will not be visible on the CO Person record until the address is confirmed.

To manage multiple types of Email Addresses, the plugin can be instantiated additional times on the same or multiple dashboards.

The Email Address Widget can be used with the  Elector Data Filter Plugin  to allow for a self-selected Email Address to be given priority when provisioning to downstream systems.

1.5. Screenshots

The Email Address widget displays a simple list of email addresses.

When "Edit" is activated, a user may interact with an email address (delete it or replace it if allowed by configuration) or add a new email address.

Upon adding a new Email Address, the user is immediately prompted for verification. The duration of the verification token's validity can be set in the widget configuration. The default duration is 10 minutes. The user must visit the email address just added, copy the verification code from the email message sent by the plugin, and paste it into the Verification Token field to verify and finish adding the email address.

1.6. See Also