COmanage Registry is a very flexible tool that allows for powerful connections between systems. With this flexibility comes a level of complexity that can be overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the software. This group of pages is a complement to information in the Registry Technical Manual. Both resources lead to the same detailed information. The difference? The Technical Manual is designed to efficiently direct you to the details you seek, while these pages are designed to provide additional context and guidance.



Managing Population Lifecycles

COmanage Registry is an identity registry with flexible enrollment and lifecycle management capabilities that help you meet your identity management objectives using standardized tools and approaches. After all, enrolling a new user is just the start of the journey. Over time, their needs will evolve as will the needs of your organization. And, at some point, there will come a time when an individual's relationship with the organization and/or the systems connected to the registration will end. COmanage Registry supports your organization through all of these transitions.

External Connections



There are many ways to make COmanage Registry your own. The following features provide personalization for your COmanage users in the way that they see and interact with the software.

Extending COmanage Registry

Part of the power of the COmanage Registery is the ability to extend its functionality to include features, functionality, and information that are not designed into the core software. This section describes ways that you can extend the Registry.

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