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COmanage Registry provides the concept of Message Templates. These formatted emails allow for notifications and messages to be specified once and reused in multiple instances within a supported context. Message Templates can use substitution codes to enable email personalization and the inclusion of other important information. Both plain text and HTML versions are supported.

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1. Message Contexts

COmanage Registry v2.0.0 introduces Message Templates, which allow for notification and email messages to be specified once and reused in multiple instances of a supported context. Available contexts are:

  • Authenticator (as of Registry v4.0.0)
  • Enrollment Flow Verification
  • Enrollment Flow Approval Notification (to the Enrollee; as of Registry v3.3.0 this context can also be used for denials)
  • Enrollment Flow Finalization
  • Expiration Notification
  • Plugin (as of Registry v4.0.0)

So, for example, a given confirmation message can be defined once and then attached to multiple Enrollment Flows.

2. Personalizing Messages

Message Templates support Notification Message Substitutions. In addition, messages may be specified in both HTML and plain text formats.

3. Message Status

If a Message Template is set to Suspended, it cannot be added to new context instances but will continue to be used by any instances to which it is already attached.