The New2EA Working Group is open to Itana Community Group members who are interesting in launching or relaunching an EA practice as well as those already running mature practices. Itana recognizes that the EA role is inclusive of multiple architecture disciplines.

  • Business architecture -- Business architects, business stakeholders, business leaders, etc.

  • Information architecture --  Information architects, data stewards, business and technical consumers, et.

  • Technical architecture -- Technical architects, technical project managers and teams, etc.

Are you interested in leading a session?  Please attend a New2EA WG Steering Team meeting or contact the New2EA Co-Chairs Jacob Morris and Alberto Mendoza

Want to help out? Scribe a call. It's easy. You can scribe in email, in the wiki directly, in a Google Doc. Give a hand. Help out. Take notes.

Unless otherwise noted, sessions are conference calls.

New2EA WG 2019 Call Program




Format/ModePresenter / Facilitator

Materials / Notes

March 27KickoffNew2EA Kickoff Meeting
Jacob MorrisNotes
April 10PanelNew2EA Meeting - Panel: How existing EA practices got started
Jacob MorrisNotes
April 24EA Skills & CompetenciesNew2EA Meeting - Scoping your EA practice
Jacob MorrisNotes
May 8EA Skills & CompetenciesNew2EA Meeting - Reflecting on your EA Scope / SoaP
Jacob MorrisNotes
May 22EA Skills & CompetenciesNew2EA Meeting - Reflecting on the Direction of New2EA
Jacob MorrisNotes
June 5EA Skills & CompetenciesNew2EA Meeting - Facilitating from the Side
Jacob MorrisNotes
June 19*EA Skills & Competencies

New2EA Meeting - Leading as an Architect

Presentation + Discussion (polling?)Jim Phelps?



July 3

CANCELED - July 4th Holiday

July 17*EA Skills & CompetenciesFacilitating from the Side - Follow-up discussion + dealing with difficult meeting attendees / leading effective meetingsDiscussion + PresentationJacobNotes?
July 31Unconference


  • What topics are top of mind for you right now?
  • What questions would you want to ask a panel of established architects?
  • What would you want out of the New2EA Face2Face session in October?


October 9*Panel

Follow-up Panel Discussion - Questions from the New2EA Community (start from the initial survey results)

  • Using your experiences/role/title to achieve X?

Send a request to the panel for recommended articles for New2EA members

October 14
EDUCAUSE Face2Face pre-conference
Louis King, Chris Eagle, Jacob Morris
October 23*Recap

Follow-up discussion on the New2EA Face2Face session at EDUCAUSE

Presentation + Round table discussion



November 6

Architecture Role

Panel: Architect Career Journey Maps - shared by established practitioners

Panel + Presentations


November 20Architecture Role

Follow-up Panel: Architect Career Journey Maps - shared by established practitioners + Q&A Time

Panel + Round table discussion
December 4Architecture RoleSharing our Career Journey Maps - 
What are upcoming opportunities for building on your current skills coupled with developing entirely new skills
Round table discussion

December 18EA Skills & CompetenciesPanel Recommendations: EA Article SwapRound table discussion

Potential Future Topics

  • What New2EA would like out of the EDUCAUSE F2F (Round table discussion)
  • Unconference Session (Open discussion)
  • EA Skills and Competencies
    • Leading as an Architect

  • Follow-up Panel Session with established architects (Panel)
  • Using your experiences/role/title to achieve X
  • Determining your EA capabilities (resources and assets)
  • EA article swap and discussion (Round table discussion)
  • Assessing the maturity of your EA practice
  • Communicating your EA practice to leadership
  • Leadership Journey Maps

Past Topics

  • What is EA at my institution? (Round table discussion)
  • How did existing EA practices get started? (Panel)
  • Developing an EA Scope / Strategy on a Page (Presentation)
  • Reflecting on the Direction of New2EA (Round table Discussion)
  • Facilitating from the Side (Presentation)

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