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  • What topics are top of mind for you right now?

    • What is the latest trend in EA world?

    • Communication Plan - how to spread the word both up and down about what technical architecture is trying to do here at Penn State? Have a tech architectural committee. The time is now to share that "here we are, here is what we can do for you, and here is the value we bring"
      • The rule of 7: spread your message at least 7 times and 7 different ways.
      • Stakeholder analysis - individual names, group/category, assess each about their level of influence on your work (no, moderate, yes), level of interest - then split out into quadrants and address each quadrant, starting with high influence and interest. Numerous tools available for doing that analysis - MOR Leadership training has a simplified version of this idea.
    • Just establishing the architecture group - discovering the roles and responsibilities of the group, and where they fit in the IT Organization.
    • Where do we get Enterprise Architecture training? 
    • Topical: Breach on Capitol One and Amazon AWS; presenting on the cloud strategy, which comes first? the strategy or the architecture?
  • What particular skills or competencies are you hoping to learn or grow as part of this community?

    • How to manage system dependencies diagram without spending money on expensive enterprise level EA software?  Where to start?  I heard Archi is a good place to start but will it be too technical for business users to understand its benefit?
    • Meeting Skills: Facilitation from the side; translating what you hear back into requirements
    • What are the first three skills you would focus on as an architect? What skills should we spend our time honing?
    • Communication: trying to get people to see past the "icing on the cake" and see the actual substance.
  • What questions would you want to ask a panel of established architects?

    • What distinguish between a EA and a BA?  Both look at the future state and the current state to come up with potential solutions.
    • How do you start with technical people and build out a subset of architects without access to formal training?
      • Where is the line of delineation between the technical skillset and the architectural skillset? How do you "get their hands off the keyboard" and up a level?
      • Moving away from "building a single building" and into "building a whole city"
    • What does the roadmap look like when you are just starting out your practice? What are the 3-month, 6-month, 9-month goals? What is that journey? Major milestones to shoot for?
      • In context as part of your journey and experience
    • What significant failures they had in their careers that provided lessons that have contributed to their success in their EA program? What are those failures and what did they learn?
      • Moving from technical (TOGAF) all the way to Digital Transformation 
  • What would you want out of the New2EA Face2Face session in October?

    • Interaction with the group will add the value for this session
    • Opportunities to review of work product and provide feedback
    • 12 influencing strategies? Toolbox of skills available 
    • Practice with other people skills


  • Jacob Morris - University of Washington
  • Rich Cropp - Penn State
  • Louis King - Yale
  • Marlon - UWI
  • Jeremy Pelegrin - Tulane
  • Mary Stevens
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