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Reflecting on your EA Scope / SoaP

Example EA SoaP (U Washington):

- Thinking about the scope; need to clarify it for ourselves, if we're starting a new practice we need to be able to communicate it to others; get their ideas/inputs on what the scope should be; build management support; use it as a sense of reference
- Scope: what customers do we serve/plan to serve; what's the org scope; where in the value chain are we; how do we actually deliver value
- Capabilities <--linked to--> Standards
- EA practice --imposes--> Standards
- Must be relevant to stakeholders <-- Business Outcomes
- Role of EA is in the SoaP
- What does EA practice bring to the table?
- How does EA contribute to deliver the strategy/outcome?
- SoaP is a hierarchy:

             Summary IT Strategy (SoaP)
| | | | |
SoaP for EA Service Management IT Procurement BI ...

- Take outcomes and break them down into sub-SoaP linked to EA
- SoaP from strategy: Drivers --> Outcomes --> Initiatives

- Outcomes --influence--> key activities necessary to deliver the outcomes
- Filling in the columns depends on what you already know or going to do or need to do
- Use SoaP when you're thinking about a particular initiative
- From an EA perspective; think about drivers & outcomes; plan what the activities should be
- What change initiatives in your org will EA be useful for? Do EA across initiatives, e.g. more consistency in the technology use in projects, standards for technologies; value of that
- Capabilities --linked to--> Initiatives --linked to--> EA practice
- Frame outcomes in business terms or that can be easily understood by the key stakeholders; who's it really for; will they really care about that outcome
- use outcomes as a communication tool to the audience
- include the top 5-10 capabilities that you're going to be working on and put them on the strategy page
- be clear about the role of EA in the strategy; what would EA be doing to enable the outcomes to happen
- what capabilities would the EA practice bring to the table; structure strategy around those; are the initiatives going to be owned and run by the EA practice?
- do companion SoaP showing how EA contributes to the org/high-level SoaP; helps you think about how to build up the EA practice
- think about audience; how programs or functions within the org will support the larger goals
- What pieces of this pie can I deliver? <--linked to--> Capabilities
- where can the EA group bring the most value to the org; focus on being able to show that return
- Architecture Community of Practice (CoP) - what is it you can do and how quickly?
- depending on how close to IT the audience is --> say more about business value or business outcome, e.g. If I'm the vice-President of HR why do I care?
- what is the org ready to absorb in terms of change?
- EA working group existed for # of years before the project to formally start EA practice
- great way to build capability and capacity
- Start by gathering talented people; begin to learn what's going on around campus; year 1 you are going to start to know each other; year 2 start rolling out components of a program; year 3 groups can start producing work

Homework: Take SoaP framework and try to apply it; SMART project


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