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InCommon makes possible trustworthy academic collaboration that reaches far beyond what a single organization can do on its own, through identity and access management technologies and services that are integrated across the globe. Learn how you can participate:

Working with InCommon Metadata

Federation Manager

Use the Federation Manager to upload and publish your metadata to the InCommon Federation:

InCommon Metadata Service

Retrieve IdP and SP metadata in InCommon and R&E federations around the world.

Working with the Discovery Service

Configure the discovery service to help your users easily find their home organizations during federated single sign on.

Best Practices and References

Help the InCommon Federation help you get the most out of being InCommon. Learn and adopt Federation best practices.

Baseline Expectations - Improvements coming soon!

October 2023

The InCommon Federation operations team has been working throughout 2023 to introduce a series of enhancements to help participants maintain adherence with Baseline Expectations. We are happy to announce that the first set of these changes will soon appear in Federation Manager. Follow the link below to learn more about InCommon's ongoing effort to operationalize Baseline Expectations.

workbox Operationalize Baseline Expectations

Integrate Microsoft Azure AD with InCommon Federation

April 2023

Microsoft recently published an identity architecture and deployment guide on integrating Microsoft Azure AD with the InCommon Federation. If you are using Azure AD, be sure to check out this article to learn more:

workbox (Microsoft) University multilateral federation solutions


Follow this NIH-readiness resource page; get the latest on NIH's initiative to standardize and streamline federated access to NIH resources and what you need to to to meet its requirements.

workbox Get NIH Ready

Support Research &  Scholarship (R&S)

Do your part to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic: configure your identity provider to support the REFEDS Research and Scholarship category to rapidly connect your researchers and scientists with international collaborations

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