The Password Dashboard Widget is a Registry Dashboard plugin that allows for self service management of Passwords by authenticated users.

1.1. Availability

The Password Dashboard Widget is available in COmanage Registry version 4.3.0.

1.2. Features

  • The Password widget allows end-users to add or change their Registry-managed passwords.

1.3. Dependencies

  • The Password widget depends on the PasswordAuthenticator plugin for configuration. Install the PasswordAuthenticator plugin before attempting to configure the Password widget.

1.4. Configuration

  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information. The plugin is found at app/AvailablePlugin/PasswordWidget.

  2. The Password Widget must be attached to a suitable Dashboard; create one if there is not one already available.
  3. As noted in the dependencies, you must have the PasswordAuthenticator plugin installed. You will first want to create a Password Authenticator where the "Password Source Mode" is set to "Self Select" to make use of the Password widget.
  4. Once you have a Password Authenticator, add a new Dashboard Widget, with the Plugin set to PasswordWidget.
    1. Set the title appropriately - for example, "Manage Password".
  5. On the plugin configuration page, select the Password Authenticator you configured for use with the widget. Because the Password widget is intended for self-service, only "Self Select" passwords may be used with this widget (as established in the configuration for the Password Authenticator). Password Authenticators that are not set to "Self Select" will not appear in the Password widget configuration form.

1.5. Considerations

This plugin manages a Password of the currently logged in user, so Dashboards Visibility configurations control who has access to see this feature.

When visiting the dashboard widget, if the user has no password for the chosen Password Authenticator, the widget can be used to add one. If the user has a password for the given authenticator, they may change the password using the widget by confirming the current password and supplying the new one. See the screenshots below.

Administrators may manage a user's passwords using the "Authenticators" link from the user's Person canvas. See Authenticators.

1.6. Screenshots

The Password Widget looks like this when no password for the chosen authenticator exists:

Clicking "Edit" will allow the user to add a password:

On completion, the widget will confirm that a password has been set.

Once a password is set, clicking "Edit" will allow the user to update the password:

1.7. See also: