Fall 2020 Service Updates

LabArchives releases Jupyter Notebooks integration

NET+ LabArchives reached 20 subscribers earlier this year. The Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is being used successfully enterprise wide by tens of thousands of faculty and researchers in the Internet2 community. In the coming months, the NET+ LabArchives Service Advisory Board members will evaluate for inclusion in the NET+ program two other LabArchives products: LabArchives Scheduler, which has ~70,000 users worldwide, and LabArchives Inventory. Recently, LabArchives integrated with Jupyter Notebooks. The new integration with Jupyter Notebooks empowers users to capture data science, scientific computing, and machine learning workflows within LabArchives ELN for Research.

NET+ GCP offers the easiest path to use of the NIH STRIDES program

The National Institutes of Health STRIDES program offers deep discounts on cloud usage for NIH-funded research work. Enrolling an institution to take advantage of STRIDES with NET+ GCP only requires filling out an additional order form with your chosen NET+ GCP reseller. For more information on using NET+ GCP with STRIDES check out our blog post or email

NET+ AWS campuses implement AWS Organizations and Control Tower

AWS Organizations and Control Tower are AWS features that help institutions to manage and govern their multi-account AWS environments.  The NET+ AWS Organizations and Control Tower working groups have helped map out strategies for campuses to successfully implement Control Tower in their AWS environments, and Internet2 published a post by Peter Traub outlining the implementation of Control Tower at the University of Virginia. If you are interested in participating in these working groups, please email

NET+ cloud services town halls are designed to keep subscribers up to date on the latest product updates, any NET+ program changes and to encourage and enable dialog amongst subscribing institutions for the various services. Here is a recap of some of the services that added or expanded town halls in 2020.

NET+ Zoom Community Town Halls

As universities were forced to move their campuses online, a lot of attention was focused on Zoom’s security, compliance and integrations with other systems. To help address the community concerns, the NET+ Zoom program coordinated the following community calls:

  • April 14 - Zoom Addresses Security & Privacy Concerns
  • June 16 - Community Roundtable to discuss upcoming Zoom releases that affect higher education
  • December 9 - Updates to Zoom’s LTI Pro App

For more information about the program or upcoming events, please contact

NET+ DocuSign Program Launches Quarterly Subscriber Town Hall Series

On October 20th DocuSign gave a presentation of their roadmap, and representatives from University of California-Berkeley, University of Massachusetts, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, and University of Texas-Austin shared details about the rollout of DocuSign on their campuses. Town Halls such as this are only open to subscribers. The next Town Hall will be taking place on January 19th. If you would like to ensure you are invited to the January event and any future events or to learn more about how to sign up for the NET+ DocuSign program, please contact

Quarterly Town Hall for NET+ ServiceNow Subscribers

Over the summer, the NET+ ServiceNow program began a new series on engaging NET+ subscribers in a town hall format. The inaugural event was based around an effort between the NET+ ServiceNow Service Advisory Board and ServiceNow product owners on designing a “Back to Campus” service to allow for institutions who were heading to an in-person instructional format to do so in a more safe environment. The town hall was then set up to draw feedback from program participants on work that was progressing in this toolset. For more information on this series, please contact

NET+ AWS Town Hall 

The first of what will be regular Town Hall sessions for NET+ AWS subscribers was held on December 2. Topics discussed included virtual desktop services available from AWS (Workspaces and AppStream); an update from the working group looking at integrations between AWS SSO and Grouper; and, a discussion of managing connectivity to AWS, including use of the Internet2 Cloud Connect service. For more information on this series, please contact

Quarterly NET+ Code42 Town Hall

The NET+ Code42 program held its quarterly all subscribers town hall on October 15. The focus of the town hall was on Code42's new product branding of Incydr and CrashPlan. Information on the town hall is available on the Code42 wiki.

Palo Alto Networks Service Evaluation Update

NET+ Palo Alto Networks service evaluation has continued since the last quarterly update and is completing a service evaluation on Palo Alto Prisma Access, Cloud, Security Operations Automation, Next-Generation Endpoint,

and Network Detection and Response. The NET+ Palo Alto program held an Internet2 NET+ Palo Alto - Enabling Secure Remote Learning for International Students Community Call and the recording, slides, and Palo Alto Prisma Access Service for international students resources are available.  

CloudChecker Premium Update

NET+ CloudCheckr Premium service evaluation has entered the final stages, with agreement negotiations underway. This offering will include total visibility for cloud spending across the three most highly adopted cloud infrastructure providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Service features will include delegation of access to individual account owners on a campus, access to APIs to automate billing reports, and provide visibility to the security posture of a campus’ cloud footprint. The program is expected to launch in early 2021.

GSEfE Update: Amplified IT and Burwood conditionally selected as Resellers for GSuite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE)

The NET+ GSuite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) Service Evaluation participating schools have completed the security, identity, accessibility, and functional evaluation of the platform. Amplified IT and Burwood were selected as Resellers for the NET+ program via a competitive process in November 2020. Agreement negotiations with Google and the two Resellers are underway, and the program is expected to go live in the early part of 2021.

NET+ airSlate/signNow to join the NET+ Program

With support from Claremont Graduate University, airSlate/signNow is expected to enter the NET+ Program as a pre-evaluation NET+ service in the early part of 2021. Services include an e-signature solution, workflow automation software, document generation, and more. A pre-service evaluation agreement will be available soon. Representatives from Claremont Graduate University, University of Rhode Island, and University of Michigan have joined the Early Adopters group to help drive the product roadmap for our Higher Education community, ensuring airSlate/signNow meets the NET+ program standards. If you are interested in more information or would like to join the Early Adopters Group please contact Dana Voss.

The NET+ Code42 program held its quarterly all subscribers town hall on October 15. This town hall is designed to keep subscribers up to date on the latest Code42 product updates, any NET+ Code42 program changes and to encourage and enable dialog amongst subscribing institutions.

The Fall 2020 Town Hall covered the following topics:

  • Program Updates and Reminders
  • Product Roadmap Update
  • Overview of Branding Changes - CrashPlan and Incyder
  • Community Topics
    • Is anyone leveraging the Code42 API to pull Crashplan data into their CMDB (eg. ServiceNow)?
    • Overview of the new SCIM integration and how it works with Azure and Google.

Subscribers may access the following materials:

Are you a subscriber to the NET+ Code42 program and need access to the files? Please click request access to the NET+ Code42 Community Google Drive folder and let us know what institution you are from.

We look forward to seeing you at our next town hall in 2021!

Our colleague Nick Young at UNCG has shared his scripts for auditing IAM settings on projects within a GCP organization. The scripts use Python on GCE, pushing the results to BigQuery. 

The scripts are available at

Thanks, Nick!

Thank you to everyone that attended this event.  For those that would like access to the slides, please find them attached here.  The recording of the event is available here.  Finally, a huge thank you to Terry Fernandez (American University) and Brad Dennis (Oregon State University) for presenting and to Jennifer Sparrow (Penn State University) for moderating the discussion.  For those that we not able to attend, please find additional information below.

I2 Online Webinar Specifics

  • Date: November 10th, 2020
  • Start Time: 11 AM Pacific, 12 PM Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Presentations
    • American University’s COVID-Related Technology & Service Delivery Changes

    • DocuSign and Banner Integration at Oregon State University

  • Presenters
    • Terry Fernandez: Senior Director, Customer Services & Support (American University)

    • Brad Dennis: Product Manager (OnBase/DocuSign), Enterprise Computing Services (Oregon State University)

  • Moderator
    • Jennifer Sparrow: Deputy CIO and AVP for Teaching & Learning with Technology (Penn State University)

Webinar Slides

Thanks to those who joined us for the September 30th I2 Online Tools for Teaching with Video. Speaker slides featuring Rutgers University and the University of Texas-Arlington are available for download. The recording is also available:

Useful AWS Tidbits

Here are some recent items that community members have shared for using AWS in their higher ed environments:

Shelley Rossell from the Univerrsity of Chicago shares this useful document on Managing Guard Duty accounts with AWS Organizations. You can use this to name a GuardDuty master account for the organization and other accounts in the organization can be viewed and added as GuardDuty member accounts.

Shelley also shares a document from Amazon on how to use AWS SSO for easy authentication to the AWS CLI, which means that individual CLI users don't have to separately manage keys for access.

Aaron Hunnewell from the University of Virginia notes that he found this recent post on How to Manage AWS SSO Account Assignments in CloudFormation to be useful.

And Nathan Dors from the University of Washington has pointed us to this very useful example of how the UW is allowing AWS users to link Grouper groups to AWS roles.

Thanks to all who led the training, and special thanks to Danyell Wilt and the entire AWS team for providing great content and support for answering all the questions.

The video of the session is available at:

Here are Danyell's slides:

And here are Sara Jeanes' slides:

The Q&A from the session is here:

Eric Straaavaldsen from UW Madison has shared some code for provisioning GCP accounts with Terraform and Google Cloud Project Factory. The example code configures a repo with three folders mapping to three risk levels (inspired by NIST 800-53).

The code can be found in the Internet2 Cloud Config Github repository at:

Many thanks to those who joined us for the NET+ Learning Management Systems Virtual Town Hall on July 1, 2020. Let us know if you have any suggestions for a future webinar topic.

The recorded video from the session is available here. 

Here are the slides.

Many thanks to those who joined us for the NET+ Learning Management Systems Virtual Town Hall on June 24, 2020. Let us know if you have any suggestions for a future webinar topic.

The recorded video from the session is available here. 

Here are the slides.

Thanks to those who joined us for the May 28 session on Using GCP In Research, and thanks to all those who took part in all four parts of our Getting Started with NET+ GCP Workshop! Please let us know what other GCP related topics you'd like to see covered in future sessions.

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the speakers who took part in the series, and especially the people who helped make this series a great success: Emily Nichols, Internet2 project manager extraordinaire; Ryan Bass and the Internet2 Communications team; and Ming Ho, Ryan Martin, and Mike LeHaye from the Internet2 support team.

The video from the session is available here (

And here are the slides. Please note that Preetesh Kantak’s research isn’t yet published. As a result, should you wish a copy of his slides please contact him directly.

Many thanks to those who joined us for Andy Chang's very quick overview of Security features in GCP. Let us know if you'd like to see a more in-depth GCP security session as a future webinar topic.

The recorded video from the session is available here (

Here are Andy's slides.

Please join us for the last of our Getting Started With NET+ GCP sessions on Using GCP In Research. You can register to attend at

Using GCP in Research

Thursday, May 28, 2020 1PM ET/12PM CT/10AM PT (60 Minutes)

In the final session, we will hear about exciting research projects utilizing GCP to advance science in the real world, along with how to use NET+ GCP to get research credits and utilizing GCP with NIH Strides funding. Goal for this session is to inspire ideas and ways to utilize GCP for Research within Higher Education.

Speakers: Alice Kamens (Google), Preetesh Kantak (Indiana University), Boyd Wilson (Omnibond), Jamie Sunderland (Internet2)

Peter Traub, Sr Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at University of Virginia has put together a great guide to adopting AWS Control Tower. His guide is now hosted on the NET+ AWS service page - AWS Control Tower Adoption Strategies.