What is the NET+ AWS Program?

The Internet2 NET+ AWS program is both a community-driven and crafted vehicle for contracting AWS and an active professional peer community that meets regularly to learn from each other and industry experts, share and document best practices, and innovate to advance the research and educational missions of their institutions.

Many Internet2 member and non-member institutions take advantage of this service offering. If your institution is one of them then this wiki will provide details on how to make the most of your participation in the program by interacting with AWS staff and peers from other subscribing institutions. 

NET+ AWS Program Basics


There are now two options for the NET+ AWS contract, the longtime contract with TD SYNNEX (formerly DLT) and a new contract with Four Points Technology. Both agreements provide a number of contractual and operational benefits designed for the needs of the research and education community.

Program Benefits

Some of the benefits common to both include:

  • A customer agreement created through a process involving a group of member campuses that incorporates community best practice terms, access to a Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA workloads, and access to AWS GovCloud for sensitive workloads.
  • A Data Egress Fee Waiver that refunds egress charges up to 15% of an account's monthly spend for eligible accounts.
  • A common minimum discount for all subscribers, regardless of their cloud spend.
  • The ability to enable support on an account-by-account basis.
  • Ready access to the NIH STRIDES Initiative with discounts and enhanced support options.
  • 800+ Gb/s of private peering capacity to the Internet2 Network for member institutions.
  • A framework for enterprise-scale consumption, including the option of a single institutional bill or direct billing to account holders, with a variety of payment options including credits.
  • A community advisory board to drive continued benefits for all subscribers.
  • An active facilitated peer community working together on best practices of adoption, use, and innovation with AWS.

To all members, Internet2 also provides:

  • 800+ Gb of network peering between AWS and the Internet2 Network, accessible from most Regional Connector networks.


This program is open to all Internet2 higher education, affiliate and federal affiliate members as well as non-member US higher education institutions. If you are looking for details on how to join the program, please click Sign Up on the NET+ AWS webpage or email netplus@internet2.edu and ask about NET+ AWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about the NET+ AWS program, NIH STRIDES, and links to the resellers' documentation on the NET+ AWS Frequently Asked Questions page.

Learn More about NET+ AWS

For more information about your NET+ AWS contracting options email netplus@internet2.edu and ask about NET+ AWS.

Related Services

AWS Direct Connect through Internet2 

Learn how to reach AWS Direct Connect using Cloud Connect, leveraging Internet2 and your regional’s infrastructure to allow shared, dedicated Layer 2 and Layer 3 access with up to 5Gbps of connectivity.

NET+ Cloud Infrastructure Community Program (CICP)

NET+ AWS subscribers pay an annual program fee to support the management of the contracts, the reseller relationships, the program maintenance, and the community activities. The NET+ Cloud Infrastructure Community Program opens the door to the benefits of the NET+ AWS program and is a requirement for subscribing to the program. For pricing details visit the NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services Annual Access Fees page.

CICP Benefits

NET+ Community Activities

A key benefit of the NET+ AWS program for subscribing institutions is participating in the Cloud Infrastructure Community Program. Any member of a subscribing institution's community is eligible to join. In addition to an email discussion list, we host a series of regular events for program subscribers. They include:

  • Bi-weekly NET+ AWS Technology Share calls where campus cloud enablement professionals, cloud engineers, developers, and others meet to discuss their challenges, share lessons learned and collaborate to find the best answers for their institutions' AWS deployment. AWS solutions architects and DLT support engineers regularly attend and participate.
  • Quarterly NET+ AWS Town Halls welcome experts from AWS to present targeted topics to the community. Past Town Halls covered Ransomware, AWS Academy, Research Support Tools, Security Lake, Generative AI and more. We encourage subscribers to suggest topics we can work with AWS to bring to us.
  • Quarterly NET+ AWS Stratgey Calls are home to strategic and directional conversations. This is an opportunity to discuss the role of cloud in IT strategy with your peers. The intended audience is cloud and infrastructure leadership, but anyone working on your AWS team is welcome to attend. Once a year we invite AWS EDU leadership to join us and encourage campus infrastructure and IT leadership to come.
  • Quarterly NET+ AWS Tech Jams are technical deep dives on a specific issue facing one or more institutions. We put a couple of subscriber schools in the "hot seat" to lay out their challenge and ask technical experts from AWS to talk through the problem and its solutions. The rest of us watch and learn, tossing in our own questions as well. Example topics are building compliant environments, enforcing policies for FinOps best practices, bending Control Tower to your will, etc. The December Jam is devoted to a rapid-fire recap of the announcements coming out of the annual AWS re:Invent conference that are most relevant to the NET+ subscriber community. Always a highlight of the year.
  • To get an idea of the topics covered in the NET+ AWS quarterly calls visit the Cloud Infrastructure Community Program Calendar

CLASS: Cloud Learning and Skills Sessions

  • Access to Cloud 101 on demand
  • Priority registration for CLASS training
  • Discounted registration to for-fee CLASS trainings
  • CLASS program details 

Data Benchmarking 

Internet2 aggregates community usage data to provide subscribers with unique campus-internal insights and community-wide comparisons.

Service Evaluation Resources

A fundamental function of the NET+ program is to gather the information all institutions do for their due diligence work prior to acquiring an IT service. A group of peer institutions gather for a service evaluation and pilot program. Below are some of the assets gathered for the NET+ AWS Service Evaluation.



Information Security

  • Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT) - contact your AWS account manager. If you don't know who that is, reach out to NET+ AWS Program Manager, Bob Flynn (bflynn@internet2.edu) and he will connect you.

NET+ AWS Service Advisory Board (SAB)

The NET+ AWS program is managed by an Internet2 program manager with the support of the NET+ AWS Service Advisory Board. 

SAB Membership

The new SAB membership will be posted as of July 26.



Community Resources

Join the #aws Slack channel on the Higher Education Cloud Community

All users of AWS are encouraged to join the AWS Community Channel in the Educause Cloud Computing Community Group Slack. See the Higher Ed Cloud Community page for instructions to join.

Collaborate on the Cloud Wiki

Speaking of community, did you know about the Cloud Wiki? This was created specifically for YOU, members of the higher education cloud community to collaborate with each other. See a listing of the cloud websites and strategy statements of peer institutions. Are you drafting a new cloud position description? Log in to see a Cloud Job descriptions page and contribute your knowledge!

Contribute Code

Looking to share your latest Terraform config? Add it to the Cloud Wiki Helpful GitHub Repos list or email bflynn@internet2.edu to request access and create a repo in the Community Cloud Config GitHub organization.

Key Program Updates

Subscribers may review our mailing list archives for monthly program and AWS updates.

With nearly 200 attendees and active audience participation, a single blog post may not do justice in summarizing our recent AWS Town Hall. However, I think we can list important key takeaways for you and your team to keep in mind. So, what exactly attracted so many people to attend a Zoom meeting? Two words: GenAI. Actually, that may be three words. To break it down, there were two main topics of discussion: Brief Internet2 NET+ program updates Presentation by Vanderbilt’s Dr.…
The AWS Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA) Community of Practice (CoP) held its kick-off meeting last Tuesday (7/2), and it was a great success. You might be wondering what the AWS LZA Community of Practice is. The AWS LZA CoP is a place for anyone in the research and education community to to ask questions, share ideas, and give feedback on the AWS LZA solution. You may also wonder, "What is the AWS LZA?" or "Why should I care about it?" These questions were answered during the kick-off meeting.…

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