COmanage 1.0.2 Compared to the TIER Entity Registry Requirements 

For items flagged (tick), there may still be specific capabilities or enhancements required to meet all use cases.

 RequirementStatusJIRAFunded?TIER HIgh PriorityNotes
1Administration (User Interface)
2Delegated Administration(tick)  Within existing CO/COU/Group structure
3Record Search(tick)   
4Record Relinking(tick)  Manual Linking Operations
5Self Service(tick)  For select attributes and operations
6Bulk Operations(warning)CO-802 Limited to group operations
7"Enterprise Vocabulary"(error)   Default terminology that maps closer University vocabulary (vs VO vocabulary)
8Customizable UI(warning)   Localizable, Plugins for custom links, etc; Needs scalability testing
9Accessible UI(warning)CO-224  Partially accessible, needs further testing and refactoring
10Externalized Authentication(tick)  Anything supported by Apache
11Terms and Conditions(tick)   At enrollment or login
12Person Record Management
13No Hardcoded Identifier Assumptions(tick)   
14No SSN Dependency(tick)   
15"Secure" Attributes(error)  While (eg) SSNs can be stored as identifiers, there is no special handling to (eg) encrypt them; DoB is not in default data model, and Gender is in secondary demographic reporting record
16Multiple (Typed) Attributes Per Record(tick)   eg: Name, Address, Email Address, etc
17Custom Attributes(tick)  Simple built in model, or custom plugins
18Custom Types(tick)  Extending the Registry Data Model
19Multiple Roles(tick)  role=title+department+validity dates+etc
20Multiple Identity Sources(tick)  See Registry Data Model overview
21Lifecycle Management(tick)  Includes expiration and related transitions
22Identifier Assignment(tick)   Configuring Registry Identifier Assignment
23Self Selected Identifiers(error)    
24Privacy / Attribute Release Policies(error)    
25Early Onboarding(error) (warning) Most of the infrastructure required for this will be implemented with new "Pipeline" capability
26Registry-as-SOR(warning) Funded, sched 2H16Default model; enhancements are to separate out "SOR-as-SOR"
27Customizable UI Driven Enrollment(tick)   Registry Enrollment Flow Configuration
28Batch Importing(error)CO-76(warning)Most of the infrastructure required for this will be implemented with new "Organiational Identity Source" capability
29Attribute Election(error) Funded, sched 2H16eg: To pick a Primary Name from multiple SORs
30ID Match Integration(warning)CO-1053(warning)Limited existing capabilities. New "Pipeline" will include external callouts
31Identity Proofing(error)  TBD what this would mean
32SSH Key Management(tick)    
33ORCID Linking(error)CO-579Funded, sched 2Q16 
34Audit / Changelog
35Human-Readable Transaction History(tick)  Registry History and Changelogs
36Manual History Records(tick)   ie: Comments
37Point-In-Time Record Capabilities(tick)   

"Copy on write" means a delete is rarely actually a delete

Registry History and Changelogs

38Provisioning and Integration
39REST API(tick)  REST API v1
40lugin/Connector Driven Real Time Provisioning(tick)  Provisioning From Registry
41LDAP Provisioning(warning)  

Custom schemas not currently supported

LDAP Provisioning Plugin

42Grouper Integration(warning)  Grouper Provisioning Plugin
43Unix Account Provisioning(warning)CO-866Funding Proposed Current support is experimental and will be rewritten
44Message Bus Provisioning(error)CO-583   
45Cloud Services Integration(warning)   Experimental GitHub support
46Credential Management(error)CO-60Funded, sched 2H16 
47Asynchronous Provisioning(error)CO-552  
48TIER API Support(error)   
50Plugin Driven Reporting Capabilities(error)CO-77   
51SQL Provisioner(error)CO-1164   
53Database Support
54PostgreSQL(tick)   Recommended
55MySQL / MariaDB(tick)   Tested and supported
56Oracle(error)  Not supported by framework
57SQL Server(warning)  Supported by framework but not tested
59Replication / HA(tick)  HA as PHP web app; Replication via database
61Extensible via Plugins(tick)  Writing Registry Plugins