COmanage Registry allows certain attributes to be managed by users directly, via the Identity menu accessible from the top menu bar (the gear icon with the user's name). This feature is called "Self-service Permissions".

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1. Attributes Always Available For Self Service

  • CO Person NSF Demographic attributes
  • CO Group Memberships (for open groups or groups owned by the CO Person)
  • SSH Keys attached to a CO Person record
  • CO Person Preferred Timezone (as of v1.0.0; requires logout to take effect)

2. Attributes That May Be Configured For Self Service

  • CO Person Name
  • CO Person Role Address
  • CO Person EmailAddress
  • CO Person Role TelephoneNumber
  • CO Person Identifier (as of v3.1.0)
  • CO Person URL (as of v3.1.0)

By default, these attributes are read only. To change these permissions, add a new Self Service Permission (Collaborations >> Co >> Configuration >> Self Service Permissions). Permissions may be granted on a per-Attribute (default) basis, or on a per-Attribute-per-Type basis. If permission is set to None, the user will not be able to see the current value of the matching attribute.

Prior to Registry v3.1.0, users can only add a new attribute when any type is permitted. ie: It is not possible to allow a user to add only (say) a preferred name, and not an official name. (CO-1254)

3. Attributes Never Available For Self Service

  • CO Person Status
  • CO Person Identifiers (prior to v3.1.0)
  • CO Person Role attributes, including Extended Attributes
  • All attributes attached to an Organizational Identity record