Internet2eduroam logo operates eduroam, the global roaming wireless service, in the US. General information on eduroam benefits and on joining the service, are available at

eduroam-US Support and Knowledge Base

Check out the eduroam-US Knowledge Base for answers to common questions, guides to getting started with eduroam, and details on how to contact the team for help. The Knowledge Base also contains Release Notes for the eduroam Federation Manager portal as part of the InCommon Federation Manager and eduroam RADIUS infrastructure.

eduroam-US Advisory Committee

The eduroam-US Advisory Committee (eAC) helps formulate strategies and practices for US and global research and education roaming networks, report any findings, and make recommendations to the Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) and to Internet2, operator of the eduroam service in the US.

eduroam-US Support Organizations

The true value of eduroam increases with its ubiquity. K12s, as well as libraries and museums that are part of the K12 ecosystem, have thus far been underserved by eduroam in the US. eduroam Support Organizations leverage their existing relationships with K12s, libraries, and museums to address this need. 

eduroam Transition During Fall 2021

Major moves have been completed. We will be reporting out/sharing what we’re doing next in the first part of next year. Check out the eduroam Transition site and learn how the migration work happened.

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