These Release Notes include updates to the eduroam-US RADIUS routing infrastructure. You can find Release Notes for the eduroam Federation Manager portal here.

1. V1.9.1

Release Date: January 17, 2024

1.1. Story

  • Log Viewer opens to the organization currently viewed in Federation Manager. (Requires Federation Manager change as well.)

1.2.  Improvement

  • Recent patches and security updates for the Traffic Controller Boxes.

1.3.  Bug

  • RADIUS Fix for certain state mismatch failures.

2. V1.9.0

Release Date: October 10, 2023

2.1. Story

  •   Update to Grafana 10 (logviewer)
    • More intuitive data explorer
    • [#8]Name of Organization at top
    • General improvements overall
  • Update of log storage system to most recent release

2.2. Improvement

  • Security improvements using AWS secrets

2.3. Bug

  • [#47]Fix an issue where the proxy would fail on an unreadable configuration file.

3. v1.8.0

3.1. Release Date: June 13, 2023

3.2. Story

  • Allow listing (New Feature)
    • Traffic is filtered to only allow traffic from configured subscribers to reach the RADIUS proxies
    • This reduces load on the traffic controller and the proxies
      • Traffic controller has less traffic to monitor for rate limiting
      • Proxies do not have to answer invalid requests
  • Rate Limit Log Monitoring
    • New tools to monitor incidents of Rate Limiting more closely in order to better diagnose issues
  • Enhanced deployment tools
    • Allow for faster releases with less downtime
  • IdP Testing Fixes
    • Improved error handling and responses
  • Security enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes

4. v1.7.1

4.1. Release Date: April 6, 2023

4.2. Improvement

  • Implemented certificate revocation for certificates used in RP testing
  • For the Operator-Name attribute to known valid values, rather than accepting values supplied by the RP

5. v1.7.0

5.1. Release Date: March 13, 2023

5.2. Story

  • RP testing
    • Add an IdP for testing your local eduroam WiFi network
    • Generates short-lived certificates to authenticate to that RP
    • Supply CAT-generated installers for that IdP and certificate

6. v1.6.0

6.1. Release Date: October 18, 2022

6.2. Story

  • Internal cost reductions
    • Reduced the capacity of MQ servers
    • Removed unused DB instances

7. v1.5.0

7.1. Release Date: October 6, 2022

7.2. Story

  • Self-Healing Containers Feature
    • Containers in AWS now periodically re-register themselves with the Traffic Controller
    • Prevents containers from being 'forgotten' in the event of network issues

8. v1.4.0

8.1. Release Date: August 16, 2022

8.2. Story

  • IdP Testing infrastructure
    • Install the infrastructure that will support an FM feature allowing eduroam administrators to test whether their IdP responds to traffic on the federation.
    • Install an AWS Lambda function to perform the IdP testing
    • Install MQ configuration for FM to send IdP testing requests to the eduroam infrastructure, and for the eduroam infrastructure to send responses
    • Update the RADIUS configuration to accept authentication requests from the IdP Testing lambda function
  • Update to the latest released FreeRADIUS version, 3.2.0

9. v1.3.0

9.1. Release Date: August 5 & August 8, 2022

9.2. Story

  • Load balancing
    • Change the network routing of multiple Docker-ized containers behind each TLRS service from an active/standby configuration to an active/active load balanced configuration.
  • Ubuntu system updates applied to TC routers

10. v1.2.0

10.1. Story

  • Rate Limit Feature Update
    • Limits incoming traffic to prevent the national-level proxies from being overloaded with spurious requests
  • [#30] Code Cleanup
  • Ubuntu system updates applied to TC routers and VPN endpoints

11. v1.1.2

UPDATE: 4/1/2022 This release has been rolled back. Certain issues will be cherry-picked and released at a future date.

11.1. Bug

  • [#23] Access-rejects not providing a failure reason
  • [#26] Reject requests with invalid punctuation
  • [#24] RADIUS server unexpectedly restarts under high load
  • [#25] Remove nonresponsive upstream servers

12. v1.1.1

12.1. Improvement

  • Improve log line identification for easier processing by a log viewer

13. v1.1.0

13.1. Bug

  • [IFMC-2112] - Problem escaping special characters in RADIUS secrets

13.2. Story

  • Enhancements to service resilience in the event of an AWS Region or Data Center outage
    • [IFMC-2221] - Top-Level Server redundancy/failover
    • [IFMC-2222] - Create new TLRS’ servers
    • [IFMC-2223] - Failover scripts/tooling for TC boxes
  • Logging Foundation
    • [IFMC-2040] -  Log appropriate info on radius servers
    • [IFMC-2241] -  Collect log data from radius servers on FluentD
    • [IFMC-2227] -  FTICKs entries in logs
  • Update operator-name behavior to write attribute if not present
    • [IFMC-2224] -  Operator-Name and Country-Code Insertion
    • [IFMC-2225] -  Insert operator-name attribute if not present
    • [IFMC-2226] -  Country-code insertion

13.3. Improvement

14. v1.0.1

14.1. Bug

  • [IFMC-2015] - Allow use of sub-realm
  • [IFMC-2012] - Escape additional special characters in RADIUS secrets

14.2. Story

14.3. Improvement

  • [IFMC-2125] -  Flush connection tracking after migration

15. v1.0.0

  • Initial Release

15.1. Versions

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