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The eduroam-US Knowledge Base provides answers to common questions, guides to getting started with eduroam, and details on how to contact the team for help. Have questions or an idea to make this space better? Contact us.

Getting Started

eduroam Admins use the eduroam Federation Manager portal to manage their eduroam deployments. After signing up, use your InCommon or Google credentials to log in and begin setting up eduroam with connections to your IdPs (the way your users log in), SPs (the way your hotspots send traffic to other subscribers), and service locations (where eduroam can be found in the physical world).

What to do next

While we work to update our documentation, our colleagues at GEANT have documentation on configuring your RADIUS servers for eduroam.

During organization-side configuration, use tlrs1.eduroam.us and tlrs2.eduroam.us as your upstream RADIUS server addresses. 

Additional documentation

Below you'll find general help guides, eduroam best practices, and some technical documentation for configuring eduroam on certain varieties of wireless controllers and RADIUS servers. 

General guides

Document TitleAuthor(s)Revised
eduroam US Best Practices Guideeduroam Advisory Committee (eAC)see document header
Preserving end user privacy in eduroamInternet2see document header
How to deploy eduroam on campusGÉANTsee document header
CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool) GuideGÉANTsee document header
Help desk best practicesGÉANTsee document header
Primer on EAP typesGÉANTsee document header
EAP Server Certificate considerationsGÉANTsee document header

eduroam Transitional Technologies Updates

  • Information on changes to 802.1x technologies that impact eduroam and guidance on implemention
eduroam Advisory Committee (eAC)see document header

RADIUS Attribute Guide

Josh Howlett, Federated Solutions10/5/2023

Configuration for wireless controllers, RADIUS servers, and other network devices

Document TitleAuthor(s)Revised
Aruba Clearpass 6.7 service template for eduroam Aruba NetworksLinked to 7/18/19
Aruba Clearpass 6.8 service template for eduroam Aruba NetworksLinked to 7/18/19
Aruba and NPS configuration for eduroamGerrard Shaw, Havering College of Further and Higher Education 3/6/2019

Cisco ISE and recommended load balancing best practice

Please review before deploying any version of ISE

Josh Howlett10/5/2023
Cisco ISE 3.1 configuration for eduroamCisco Networkssee document header

Cisco ISE 2.2 and 2.3 configurations for eduroam

Cisco Networkssee document header
Cisco ISE 2.1 configuration for eduroamCisco Networkssee document header
FortiNAC 9.2.0 and lower configurations for eduroamFortinetLinked to 12/12/21
FreeRADIUS configuration for eduroam GÉANTsee document header
Meraki APs configuration for eduroamCisco/Merakisee document header
NPS configuration for eduroamJISCLinked to 3/22/22

WatchGaurd configuration for eduroam

(Note: These instructions include outdated references to the legacy eduroam administrative interface. Refer to the relevant section of the eFM User Guide for info on RADIUS configurations)

WatchGuardLinked to 1/18/23

UETN's AP configuration guide

  • Aerohive/Extreme
  • Cradlepoint
  • Fortinet
  • Ruckus
  • Ubiquiti
  • Juniper Mist
UETNLinked to 12/13/22


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