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Your eduroam Service Moved This Fall!

Major moves have been completed. We will be reporting out/sharing what we’re doing next in the first part of 2022.

Internet2 is expanding the eduroam service with an all new eduroam Federation Manager portal and back end to enable scaling to support K12 community. You will see more changes next year as we work with the eduroam Advisory Committee to identify, prioritize and roll out new features.

What you should know

  1. Internet2 will be moving your organization’s eduroam traffic to the new infrastructure in November.
  2. This move is designed to enable service continuity for you and your community, but you have a few things to do to make sure this is the case.
  3. Your organizations eduroam traffic will be moved no later than November 30. We will verify the date/time that this change will happen with your organization’s eduroam administrator.

What you should do now

To make sure this move goes smoothly for your organization, please do the following:

  1. ASAP: Place a WATCH on the pages of interest in this wiki by clicking on WATCHING in the upper right. This will send you notifications about any updates made in the coming weeks.
  2. ASAP: Ensure your eduroam administrator is up to date in the eduroam-US Administrator Login
  3. The transition request form is now closed: You will receive an email with your assigned move date, we will move your organization no later than November 30. Please reply to that email if you would like to switch to a different date.

We also recommend that you join the eduroam-admins@internet2.edu list if you're not already a member. We will be sending status updates to that list as we transition the community to the new infrastructure.


  • On the day of your move, set up access to the new eduroam Federation Manager portal

Let us know